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Roll out the Welcome Mat for Birds -- Then Clean It

Ah, spring. The run has begun on potting soil and fertilizers at garden stores, seed packets are arriving daily in the mail and the first of the migrating songbirds and hummingbirds are setting up shop around the yard. >> Read the Full Article

World's Biggest Iceberg Begins Moving after Blocking Food Supplies for Antarctic Stations, Penguins

The world's biggest iceberg has begun moving again, nearly three months after it ran aground, threatening penguin breeding colonies and blocking ships supplying food and fuel to Antarctic research stations, officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

The Color of Water

(By Peter H. Gleick) Our country is polarized over very basic issues: taxes; the size and role of government; religion and secular priorities. Yet at a time when... >> Read the Full Article

Windmills Blow Ill for Birds

As Illinois pushes for clean energy from the wind, questions remain about the environmental effects of the giant wind turbines now emerging on the state's farmlands. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers Feel Bite as Rising Fuel Prices Push Fertilizer Costs Up

Farmers applying fertilizer in advance of planting this year have encountered sticker shock. >> Read the Full Article

Ford Motor Co. to Prepare Climate Risk Report

As a result of a shareholder resolution filed with the Ford Motor Co., the country's second largest automaker has announced it will issue a first-of-its-kind comprehensive report later this year. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers Forced to Find Alternatives to Traditional Crops for Livelihood

Virginia and North Carolina farmers are struggling as two of their major cash crops -- tobacco and peanuts -- disappear from the landscape due to declining markets and low prices. >> Read the Full Article

Chronic Wasting Disease Found in One New York Deer

The first case of chronic wasting disease outside the U.S. Midwest or Rocky Mountain region was confirmed in a white-tailed deer in New York State, the state's agriculture department said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Solar and Wind Units Bring Energy to Navajos

A Laguna Pueblo designer of solar and wind energy components is bringing lights and refrigeration for the first time to 50 homes in the eastern portion of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico. >> Read the Full Article

Damage to Coral Reefs on Indian Government's Radar

The threat of a second tsunami in three months proved an empty one but the country still has to wrestle with the ecological damage wrought by the first one. >> Read the Full Article