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A Tidal Wave of Lessons Learned -- an ENN Commentary

The environmental community has long proclaimed the importance of keeping mangrove forests and coral reefs intact as a means of buffering coastal villages against the impact of severe storms. Sadly, the recent tsunami has provided vivid and gruesome proof of how correct this warning was. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists, Feds Face off over Wilderness Deal

Environmental groups asked a federal appeals court Wednesday to throw out a deal that removed environmental protections for millions of acres of potential wilderness areas around the country. >> Read the Full Article

Wind Energy Goes Mainstream in California

AES Corp., a Virginia-based utility, said Tuesday that it plans to buy a company that operates 1,371 wind turbines near Palm Springs and employs about 100 people at an operations center there. >> Read the Full Article

Ethanol Plant Proposed for Northampton, Pa., Site

Northampton could become home to the first ethanol-producing plant on the East Coast. >> Read the Full Article

Michigan Development Agency, Auto Executives Focus on Fuel-Cell Technology

Michigan's role in developing fuel-cell technology for the future generation of cars and how to transform the region into the fuel-cell capital of the world were the topics at a panel discussion Wednesday sponsored by the Michigan Economic Development Corp. >> Read the Full Article

Neighbors to Los Angeles Landfills Seek Stricter Controls

Granada Hills residents pushed on Wednesday for cleaner trash trucks, traffic relief and a host of other improvements before county officials approve plans to join the two Sunshine Canyon Landfill sites into one 415-acre megadump. >> Read the Full Article

New Case of Mad Cow in Canada Raises New Concerns in Kansas, Elsewhere

151As Canada reels from the discovery of a third case of mad cow disease — the second in two weeks — U.S. cattlemen and trade groups are divided over how the American industry and the U.S. government should react. >> Read the Full Article

USDA Seeks 'Guidance Document' Concerning Organic Cows' Pasture Access

As more large dairies enter the robust organic milk business, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to clarify what it means to be an organic dairy cow. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese Company Plans Asia's Biggest Wind Farm, Report Says

A private company plans to build Asia's biggest wind farm in the sea south of Shanghai, setting up 100 turbines in shallow coastal waters, an industry group said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article