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CITES Allows Swaziland to Export and Hunt Rhinos

A U.N. conference gave tiny Swaziland the green light on Tuesday to export some of its white rhinos and bring in trophy hunters occasionally to shoot the massive animals. >> Read the Full Article

Hungary Wants Romania to Stop Gold Mine Development

Hungary's parliament said Tuesday that the European Union should ensure that Romania halts the development of a gold and silver mine that is regarded as a serious environmental threat. >> Read the Full Article

CITES Accepts Protection Plan for <i>Jaws</i> Shark

A U.N. conference endorsed a proposal on Tuesday to slap controls on trade in the ocean's most feared predator, the great white shark of Jaws fame. >> Read the Full Article

Cameroonians Kept in Limbo over Oil-Rich Peninsula

The Cameroonians of the Bakassi Peninsula have learned like many other communities that the prospect of oil can be more of a curse than a blessing. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife Delegates Reject Japan's Proposal to Restart Commercial Whaling

A Japanese proposal to allow commercial trade in minke whales, protected under a global treaty, was firmly rejected by delegates at an international wildlife meeting Tuesday, conservationists said. >> Read the Full Article

Thais Face Jumbo Dilemma in Conserving Elephants

Elephants kicking soccer balls, painting flowers with their trunks, or twirling a hula-hoop are a common sight in Thailand, where the sacred warrior beasts perform in tourist shows or peddle fruits on the streets of Bangkok. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. to Look into "Vanished" Iraqi Nuclear Gear

The United States will investigate a report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency that equipment and materials that could be used to make nuclear arms have vanished from Iraq, a U.S. diplomat said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Drug Firm Outfits National Sales Staff with Gas-Saving, Hybrid Cars

Questions come full speed at Sandra Brown the minute she steps out of her car and into the medical office she is calling on as a pharmaceutical rep. >> Read the Full Article

Using Cleaner Energy Would Add 65,000 New Jobs in Ohio, Report Claims

The Steelworkers of America and the environmental group the Sierra Club jointly released a study Wednesday that claims using cleaner energy will not only make a better environment, but create jobs and reduce dependence on foreign oil as well. >> Read the Full Article

Soldiers Recover More Than 170 Bodies in Flooded Indian State

Soldiers pulled bodies from mud and debris Tuesday after flash flood waters receded in northeastern India's Assam state, where flooding killed 171 people in six days. >> Read the Full Article