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Nalgene Therapy, in Ask Umbra

Last summer, Umbra put the fear of Nalgene in y'all with her column on the environmental and health dangers of plastic water bottles. This week, one Nalgene lover, after conducting his own research, asks: Did you really mean it? Umbra responds with a sip of fresh wisdom, >> Read the Full Article

Nebraska Zoo Discovers Two Species of Lemurs

Researchers with the Henry Doorly Zoo have discovered two new species of lemurs, one of the most primitive and endangered primates in the world, the zoo announced Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Coal-Fired Electricity Plants among North America's Largest Polluters, Study Says

Power plants in the U.S. midwest and southeast spew a disproportionately large amount of continental air pollution, according to an environmental commission's study released this week. >> Read the Full Article

Device Could Cut Air Pollution at Long Beach, Calif., Port

Harbor Commissioners on Monday lauded the potential of new technology that may reduce air pollution from giant ships docked at the Port of Long Beach by 90 percent or more.

Representatives of Oxnard-based Advanced Control Technology Inc. showed the commission details of the company's concept to capture diesel exhaust from ships by deploying a flexible hood over their smokestacks. >> Read the Full Article

Grant to Fund Groundwater Cleanup near Former Tire Plant in Windsor, Vt.

The former Goodyear plant could be getting some help from the federal government in the form of a $240,000 Environmental Protection Agency grant to clean up contaminated groundwater. >> Read the Full Article

Honda's President Details Initiatives in Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Engines

Honda President Takeo Fukui laid out a vision for the company's future yesterday that was both clear and compact. >> Read the Full Article

Hybrid Car Production Questions Abound for Toyota

Toyota will make enough Prius hybrid cars this year to catch up to customer demand, and it'll decide by mid-year which hybrid model it will produce in the United States. >> Read the Full Article

Kobe Steel to Halt Output of Steel Treated with Harmful Chemical

Kobe Steel Ltd. said Wednesday it will halt production of hot-dip galvanized steel sheets treated with hexavalent chromium, a chemical used to boost corrosion resistance but widely seen as harmful to the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Use Hazing to Drive Crows Away

In a city where a huge flock of crows has been pestering people for years, officials are fighting back with a hazing program aimed at disrupting the birds' sleep with noise and light and driving them into the countryside. >> Read the Full Article

San Francisco Officials Pass Law Mandating Humane Treatment for Backyard Dogs

In this famously dog-friendly city, dog owners are "pet guardians," the local shelter keeps strays in "apartments" -- and, as of Tuesday, man's best friend is entitled to certain perks. >> Read the Full Article