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Mexican Officials Seek to Pacify Indian Group with Promises of Christmas Trees

A protesting Indian group that had threatened to cut off water supplies to nearby Mexico City received a promise of Christmas trees this week as part of a federal package aimed at ending their protests. >> Read the Full Article

Mount St. Helens Belches More Steam; Larger Eruption Could Be on the Way

Visitors have gathered by the hundreds to watch Mount St. Helens blow off steam, and so far the volcano has not disappointed. >> Read the Full Article

Goats Expelled from U.S. Virgin Islands National Park

Chewing exotic flowers and common weeds, the indiscriminate eating habits of free-roaming goats have earned them expulsion from U.S. Virgin Islands National Park, officials said this week. >> Read the Full Article

Philippines Orders Exotic Pets Registered, Says Paper

The Philippines gave people 60 days to register exotic pets to conform with a three-year-old law on ownership and trade in wildlife, a newspaper said recently, quoting an environment official. >> Read the Full Article

Trade Pays Big Dividends for Crocodiles

If you want to save a wild animal, give it a price tag. Wild crocodiles in Australia's Northern Territory are now thriving because of a controlled harvest of the reptile, a leading expert on the animal said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Mountain View, Calif., Firm Closes in on Hydrogen-Car Technology

A Silicon Valley company will announce a new fuel-cell technology today that it says could lead to cheaper hydrogen-powered cars sooner than expected. >> Read the Full Article

Majority of Native Arizona Fish Threatened with Extinction, Says Study

Five types of fish in the Gila River basin desperately need federal protection or else they'll keep swimming toward extinction, according to a new study by academic and government biologists. >> Read the Full Article

Pricey Oil Could Be Boon for European Car that Runs on Compressed Air

Record-high oil prices might seem like bad news for the auto industry. But one European manufacturer plans to make a type of car unaffected by $50-a-barrel crude: cars that run on compressed air. >> Read the Full Article

Recycling Used CDs and DVDs, and Tallgrass Prairies

Compact discs (CDs) and digital video discs (DVDs) have become the de facto standards for media storage and playback for millions of consumers and businesses around the world. But the very popularity of these inexpensive 5-inch-diameter discs made of metal, plastic, and dye is taking a serious toll on the waste stream. >> Read the Full Article