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Ohio Researcher Says Zinc Oxide's Future Bright -- as a Light Source

Researchers at Wright State University and Wright Patterson Air Force Base are investigating the amazing properties of a substance so common it is found in baby powder. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Salvage-Logging Rules Face New Suit by Conservationists in Oregon

The U.S. Forest Service is abusing federal fire salvage logging rules to harvest living, old-growth timber where a wildfire swept through the Malheur National Forest in July 2002, according to a federal lawsuit by conservationists. >> Read the Full Article

New Mexico Task Force Locates Three Possible Sites for Solar Energy Plant

The governor's solar energy task force has released a feasibility study showing three sites in southern New Mexico and two near Belen as suitable for a commercial solar power plant. >> Read the Full Article

Whooping Cranes' Migration Interrupted

Wildlife researchers leading a flock of young whooping cranes south for the winter are warning people to stay out of their way after an apparently curious ultralight pilot disturbed the endangered birds. >> Read the Full Article

New Fish-Labeling Law Proves Controversial

Seafood consumers wondering where their fish comes from will probably welcome a new federal law that takes effect in April 2005. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers Keep an Eye on WTO's Agricultural Trade Negotiations

When yields for soybeans and corn are higher than normal, as they are this fall, farming in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan can be profitable despite prices that are lower than last year's. >> Read the Full Article

EU Files Complaint Against U.S., Canada

The European Union's head office said Monday it had filed a complaint against the United States and Canada for failing to lift sanctions against the EU over its ban on imports of hormone-treated beef. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Supply to Peak Sooner Than Thought, Says BP Scientist

World oil production is likely to peak in the next decade, much earlier than many international forecasts, a senior BP executive has told The Business. >> Read the Full Article

New Columbia, S.C., University Dormitory Features 'Green' Design

West Quad's three cream-colored buildings feature long hallways and little bedroom suites just like any other dorm. >> Read the Full Article

Alternative Fuel Hits the Pump in Idaho

Gov. Dirk Kempthorne's new Suburban gets 100 miles for every gallon of gas used – because it runs on a new alternative fuel that's 85 percent ethanol. >> Read the Full Article