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Capitalism Colored Green at Small Business School

The Bainbridge Graduate Institute, an MBA school on Washington state's Bainbridge Island, started in 2002 as an experiment to infuse sound environmental and social practices into the standard business curriculum. Its enrollment has nearly doubled every year, with 40 students enrolled now and 50 new ones expected this fall. >> Read the Full Article

New Society Publishers Announces that it is Carbon Neutral

New Society Publishers, a publisher and press focusing on sustainability issues, has become the first publisher in North America to become "carbon neutral." >> Read the Full Article

National Semiconductor's Products to be Lead-Free in 2006

National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: NSM) announced today that it will achieve 100 percent lead-free production by the end of June 2006. >> Read the Full Article

Tajik Leader Urges More International Aid for Shrinking Aral Sea

Tajikistan's president called Monday for more international aid to alleviate the ecological damage from Central Asia's shrinking Aral Sea, once one of the world's largest inland bodies of water. >> Read the Full Article

Saving Energy a Cool Idea in Hot Weather

Summer is a good time to save energy, not only because of the expense but because of summer's increased demand and risk of blackouts. >> Read the Full Article

Great Lakes Soil Probed for Helpful Fungi

A biologist from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is scouring the bottom of Lake Michigan, looking not for clams, but for bacteria and fungi that develop anti-bacterial chemicals that could be developed into life-saving drugs for humans. >> Read the Full Article

Mountain Lion Research Continues in South Dakota

Wildlife managers want to know more about the reproductive rate and survival rate of kittens and where young lions go when they set out on their own, said John Kanta, a big-game biologist for the state Department of Game, Fish and Parks in Rapid City, South Dakota. >> Read the Full Article

The Toyota Prius and Climate Change: Good Technology versus the Misuse of Science -- An ENN Commentary

I guess it was inevitable. I am an environmental scientist. I live in Berkeley, California. I work, eat, and breathe environmental issues daily. It was therefore fated that my family would buy a Prius. >> Read the Full Article

Weyerhaeuser Executive, Descendant Urges Colorado to Recycle More

George Weyerhaeuser Jr. of the paper-making giant Weyerhaeuser Co. looks at Colorado and fails to see the environmentally activist state that others perceive. Rather, Weyerhaeuser sees mountains of discarded waste that aren't being recycled. >> Read the Full Article

Wildlife Officials to Kill 4,000 Cormorants

Chris Anderson is only half-joking when he offers a solution for the hungry cormorants that are eating the fish in Leech Lake -- and taking money out of his pocket. "Kill them all," he says of the voracious, predatory birds. >> Read the Full Article