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Environmental Group Accuses California Farms of 'Double Dipping' Subsidies

A national environmental group critical of farm subsidies reported Tuesday that more than 1,200 Central Valley farms received federally subsidized water to grow subsidized crops in 2002. >> Read the Full Article

Energy Education Needed to Avert Conflict in the Rocky Mountains

The largest growth area for natural-gas development in the United States continues to be the Rocky Mountains. Some of the fastest-growing states in the nation also are in the Rocky Mountains. That's destined to set up some conflicts between those whose business it is to develop natural gas and those who prefer it not happen in sight of their homes. >> Read the Full Article

DEP Urged to Protect Pennsylvania's Environment from Toxic Mercury

Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future (PennFuture), joined by representatives from health care, sporting, women's rights, faith-based, children's advocacy and conservation organizations, today called for Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to put the health of citizens above politics and continue working on new regulations to reduce toxic mercury from the state's coal-fired power plants. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Recognizes Starbucks as Among Largest Green Power Purchasers in the US

Starbucks Coffee Company recently joined the EPA’s Green Power Partnership, taking the #22 spot on the Partnership’s Top 25 List of largest green power purchases in the United States. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Student Energy Campaign

The "Road to Detroit Campaign" is happening this summer, and will end in Detroit where students will call for more fuel efficient cars, and a broader dialogue about energy policy in general. Jerry Kay spoke to Jamie Henn, an organizer of the Road to Detroit Campaign. >> Read the Full Article

'The Columbia… A River That Died and Was Reborn as Money'

(By Buck Parker) “The Columbia… a river that died and was reborn as money.” Historian Donald Worster’s bleak yet apt observation captures the transformation of the Columbia and Snake River system into an economic engine whose purpose is to provide commodities—water, transportation, flood control and hydroelectricity. As the Columbia was plugged, bifurcated, diverted and polluted in the name of one commodity or another, no one thought much about the health of the ecosystem that was being exploited. Although transformation of the river took only 75 years, it has brought the Columbia ecosystem to the brink of death-without-rebirth unless things change. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Urges Bulgaria To Halt Nuclear Plant Project

Greenpeace activists urged Bulgaria on Thursday to halt a project to build a second nuclear plant on the Danube River and instead opt for renewable energy sources, the environmental organization said. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Drill Into San Andreas Fault

Geologists drilling a borehole into the San Andreas Fault to better understand the physics of earthquakes have hit a seismically active section of the fault for the first time. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Group Seeks Limits on Mercury

A Pennsylvania environmental group said it will urge the state Department of Environmental Protection to move forward with stricter mercury regulations, despite a letter sent by three legislators who say they're not necessary. >> Read the Full Article

Air Texans Breathe Being Polluted by 'Accident'

Texas is turning a blind eye as state refineries and industrial plants spew millions of pounds of "accidental" pollution each year, a new report charges. At issue are events called "upset pollution" -- theoretically unavoidable incidents where facilities have to burn off chemicals, typically during start-up, shutdown, maintenance or mechanical malfunction. >> Read the Full Article