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Senate Votes to Open Oil Drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Amid the backdrop of soaring oil and gasoline prices, a sharply divided Senate on Wednesday voted to open the ecologically rich Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling, delivering a major energy policy win for President Bush. >> Read the Full Article

New Fairy Shrimp Species Found in Idaho

Biologists with the Idaho National Guard have discovered a new species of fairy shrimp living in the oft-dry lake beds of Idaho's desert. >> Read the Full Article

Agency Orders Power Plant Mercury Pollution Cut by Nearly 50 Percent

The Bush administration on Tuesday ordered power plants to cut mercury pollution from U.S. smokestacks by nearly half within 15 years but left an out for the worst polluters. >> Read the Full Article

Greens Clash over S. African Elephant Cull Question

A simmering battle over culling elephants has brought to light sharp divisions in the green movement over how to restrain a burgeoning population from outgrowing the confined wilderness of South Africa's parks. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Prepares to Vote on Alaska Refuge Drilling Proposal

Despite increased GOP strength, the Senate appeared to be evenly divided Tuesday in advance of a key vote on whether to allow oil drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge. >> Read the Full Article

Raed G. Battah, The Daily News, Bowling Green, Ky.

Kraig Moore is more productive in the woods than in the office. >> Read the Full Article

Ten 'Beneficial Bugs' for the Sustainable Garden

As strange as it may seem, many kinds of bugs are a gardener's natural allies in the war against, well...bugs. In your effort to minimize the use of chemicals in your garden, consider the benefits of welcoming the presence of certain insects to help keep the impact of their peskier counterparts in check. >> Read the Full Article

Thai Government to Urge Motorbike Trade-Ins to Ease Air Pollution

The Thai government will urge two-stroke motorcycle owners to trade in their machines for cleaner-burning four-stroke models to help alleviate Bangkok's choking air pollution. >> Read the Full Article

Quiet British Bike Seeks Added Vroom

Environmentally minded British motorcycle engineers have produced a zero-emission bike that ticks all the right boxes except one -- it's too quiet. >> Read the Full Article