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Salmon From Farms Breed Sea Lice, Study Says

Salmon farms help stock supermarkets but also breed parasitic sea lice that infect young wild salmon and could endanger other important ocean species such as herring, scientists said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Says Children May Be Vulnerable than Adults to Carcinogens

Children may be more vulnerable than adults to cancer risks from certain gene-damaging chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Earth's Health is Deteriorating as Growing Human Demands for Food, Water Strain Ecosystems, U.N. Study Finds

Growing populations and expanding economic activity have strained the planet's ecosystems over the past half century, a trend that threatens international efforts to combat poverty and disease, a U.N.-sponsored study of the Earth's health warned on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

UPS to Implement Environmental Initiatives

UPS, the world's largest private package-delivery company, is implementing two initiatives to protect the environment. >> Read the Full Article

GM, Energy Dept. to Make Fuel Cell Vehicles

General Motors Corp. and the U.S. Energy Department have signed a five-year, $88 million deal to build a fleet of 40 hydrogen fuel vehicles, the world's largest automaker said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

St. Louis-based Ameren Corp. Addresses Tougher Air-Quality Regulations

Ameren Corp., which operates 12 coal-fired power plants in the Midwest, was the biggest buyer nationwide of federal allowances for sulfur-dioxide emissions, which cause acid rain. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Organic Consumers Association

Is the organic-label body-care product you're using really organic? >> Read the Full Article

Bamboo Shortage Threatens Pandas in China

Giant pandas in western China could be at risk of starvation because the bamboo plants that they eat are beginning to die off in a cycle that happens about every 60 years, the official Xinhua News Agency reported. >> Read the Full Article

Air Pollution in Munich Exceeds EU Limit, Prompting Calls for Action

Munich has become the first German city to violate a new European Union guideline on air pollution, authorities said Monday, prompting calls for quick action to combat emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Indiana Man Photographs Endangered Bobcats

A northeastern Indiana hunter who found mysterious animal tracks in a swamp set up an infrared-activated camera that captured images of two endangered bobcats. >> Read the Full Article