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Old-Growth Timber May Get the Ax

State officials are planning to offer a Ketchikan company nearly 500 acres of old-growth timber on Gravina Island for harvest as part of the governor's efforts to increase logging on state land. >> Read the Full Article

Elevated Lane for Mass Transit Part of Options Offered to Unclog I-595

For residents who live along Interstate 595, getting to work in 20 years might mean walking across an air-conditioned bridge over the highway to a sleek bus or train running in the median. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio in Review

A review of some of Jerry Kay's EarthNews Radio interviews that we've featured recently on ENN. >> Read the Full Article

House Committees Advance Slimmed-Down $8 Billion Energy Tax Package

Lawmakers plowed through an energy bill Wednesday that would provide billions of dollars in tax breaks to industry, open an Alaska wildlife refuge to oil drilling and aid farmers by expanding the use of ethanol in gasoline. >> Read the Full Article

Columbia River Spring Salmon at New Lows

Usually by now the Columbia River's spring chinook salmon are heading upstream over fish ladders in the tens of thousands to spawn. But not this year. >> Read the Full Article

Who Let the Dogs Out? -- An ENN Commentary

Three decades ago, the late City and County of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk took a giant step forward by walking directly into a pile of dog waste, an event recorded by local news cameras. Supervisor Milk’s small sacrifice resulted in the City’s “pooper scooper” laws, and led to a cleaner, more livable, San Francisco. >> Read the Full Article

Land Bordering Grand Canyon's North Rim to Be Acquired for Conservation

Bolstered by a $1 million grant from retail giant Wal-Mart, conservation groups plan to protect almost 900,000 acres of wilderness, including land stretching along 125 miles of the Grand Canyon's North Rim. >> Read the Full Article

Resident in Way of Everglades Restoration Project Finally Agrees to Millions for Home

A man who fought for years to keep his home and businesses in the swampy Everglades has accepted a $4.95 million buyout offer from the state, which plans to restore the wetlands ecosystem. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers and Environmentalists Push New Marine Pollution Law on Cruise Ship Waste

The cruise industry has gotten so big that all its ships together could hold each of Miami's 360,000 residents with room to spare. And just like cities, cruise lines have to deal with a nasty problem: the millions of gallons of sewage those people produce. >> Read the Full Article

Coalition Presses Electric Companies over Global Warming Risks

A coalition of environmentally oriented shareholders on Wednesday called on dozens of the nation's biggest electric utilities to report within a year on the financial risks they face from complying with regulations to address global warming. >> Read the Full Article