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Tsunami Victims, Iraqis Get Taste of Recycled Water Targeted for Space

There are plenty of wells in Iraq, but the dead animals dumped there when Saddam Hussein was in power have contaminated them. There are plenty of streams in southeast Asia, but the recent tsunami polluted them with salt from the ocean. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalism Hasn't Died

(By James Quigley) When I was 13 years old my father, a clergyman, got involved in the civil rights movement. In 1964 he went south to join in the voter... >> Read the Full Article

Ready for Container-Grown Citrus?

No offense, begonia growers. Sorry, fern fanciers. But if Adam Holland has his way, container-grown lemons and limes, oranges and grapefruit will become the next big trend in houseplants. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Tell German Automakers to Drop Suit Against Calif.'s Proposed Emissions Law

A group of national environmental organizations on Monday urged German automakers to drop their lawsuit against California's proposed stricter clean air regulations, accusing the carmakers of double standards. >> Read the Full Article

Clean Harbors Boosts Income; Reviews Accounting Method

Clean Harbors Inc., the Braintree, Mass.-based company which in 2002 bought several assets of Safety-Kleen Corp. chemical services division, including a Lexington County superfund site, reported fourth-quarter revenues of $176.2 million, a 21 percent increase from the $145.5 million in revenues reported a year ago. >> Read the Full Article

Two Montana Oil Refineries Disagree With Proposed Ethanol Blend Bill

Offering consumers a motor fuel with a 10 percent ethanol blend is fine, but do not make it mandatory, executives at two local oil refineries say. >> Read the Full Article

State of Illinois to Invest in E-85 Fuel Stations

Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced today that $500,000 in Opportunity Returns funding is now available to establish new E-85 facilities at retail gasoline outlets in Illinois. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Roy G. Biv

Throughout history, schoolchildren and scholars alike have relied on clever and easy ways to remember science ideas, such as the periodic table of the elements and the colors of the rainbow. >> Read the Full Article

On Palm Sunday, Churches, Environmentalists Join To Save Rain Forest Palms and Parrots

With a sprinkling of holy water, a priest blessed thousands of palm seedlings in a ceremony in Bogota's main park, sealing an unusual Palm Sunday pact between the Roman Catholic Church and environmentalists to save a critically endangered parrot. >> Read the Full Article

Nationwide Drought Hits Home in Thailand's Poor Northeast

Every morning, 59-year-old Kiew Intra rises early to drive her cart several kilometers (miles) to the local disaster relief center in northeastern Thailand, to queue up for a dozen four-liter (one-gallon) jugs of clean water. >> Read the Full Article