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Dolphins Protect Their Snouts With Sponges

A group of dolphins living off the coast of Australia apparently teach their offspring to protect their snouts with sponges while foraging for food in the sea floor. Researchers say it appears to be a cultural behavior passed on from mother to daughter, a first for animals of this type, although such learning has been seen in other species. >> Read the Full Article

Innovative Farming Methods Save Money, Spare the Environment

Bedding calves at Dave and Pam Bolin's farm is yesterday's news. In an effort to help the environment and control costs, the Clarksville dairy farmers shred old newspapers to keep young heifers comfortable. >> Read the Full Article

Alternative Fuels Push to Benefit Alaska

A new federal initiative to manufacture alternate fuels from coal could benefit projects in Alaska. Theodore Barna, assistant deputy undersecretary of defense, said the Department of Defense is launching an effort to get U.S. industry to tackle alternative fuels projects to make ultra-clean, high-performance jet fuel and diesel for the military. >> Read the Full Article

Cultivating the Power of Nature's Call

The manure management side of farming is far less smelly and far more profitable when the animal waste is converted into a power source. Such a biomass process is up and running at farms across the United States. Although the basic technology isn't new, it's generating attention for a Wisconsin company, GHD Inc. >> Read the Full Article

Modine Wins DaimlerChrysler Contracts to Meet Tighter Heavy-Duty Truck Emission Standards

Modine Manufacturing Company announced today it has been chosen as the supplier for engine cooling modules for The Freightliner Group in North America and will also become the development partner for Mercedes-Benz Truck in Europe. >> Read the Full Article

Al Gore Urges World Mayors to Take Action to Fight Global Warming

Former Vice President Al Gore urged an assembly of international mayors to fight global warming Saturday, warning of catastrophic consequences for the planet if governments fail to act. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Urges 'Green' Planning for Burgeoning Cities

From Bondi Junction in Australia to Bindura in Zimbabwe, millions marked World Environment Day on Sunday by planting trees, picking up litter and staging rallies aimed at making cities cleaner and greener. >> Read the Full Article

Rattlesnakes Thrive in Iowa Prairie

While some treat snakes with revulsion, the Nature Conservancy has nothing but respect for the prairie rattlesnakes that slither through the tall grasses just south of town. >> Read the Full Article

Urban Dwellers Mainly Cause Global Warning, but See Little of It

Urban dwellers are mainly responsible for global warming, but see little of the effects because they have their biggest impact in isolated and sparsely populated regions, the U.N. environment agency said. >> Read the Full Article

Researchers Look at Role of Fish in Coal-Bed Methane Debate

Ever since developers learned how to tap coal seams in the Powder River Basin for natural gas, they've struggled with what to do with the brackish groundwater that comes out first. A fish may be the answer. >> Read the Full Article