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South African Farmers Clean Up with 'Green Sugar'

From the air, sections of South Africa's sugar country resemble a vast green carpet that has been gently rolled across the landscape. But environmentalists say this bucolic scene is deceptive and masks an ugly truth: Much of the sugar industry has laid waste to fragile ecosystems, its tentacles reaching deep into valleys and destroying vital wetlands. >> Read the Full Article

Potlatch Land Gets Green 'Certified' Label

The move to certify wood and paper made from Minnesota trees as environmentally friendly got a push last week, with forests owned by Potlatch Corp. certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. >> Read the Full Article

Organic Style Magazine To Cease Publication

Organic Style, the women's lifestyle magazine published by Rodale of Emmaus, will cease publication with its October issue. The news was announced by memo to employees late in the workday Thursday. The magazine, called "OS" internally, employed 38, all based in New York City. Some will be relocated within Rodale. The rest will be out of work and receive severance packages. >> Read the Full Article

Hundreds of Dead Geese Found in Oregon

Hundreds of Canada geese have been found dead on their stomachs, their wings flared out, puzzling officials. Residents reported seeing them staggering like drunks, then eventually collapsing on their stomachs. >> Read the Full Article

Australia's Cane Toads Love the Nightlife

Poisonous and ugly, Australia's cane toads are also suckers for nightlife. Researchers looking for ways to eradicate the toxic toads, introduced from Hawaii in 1935 and now an environmental menace, have found a way to trap them using ultra-violet "disco" lights. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Confirms Citrus Greening in Florida

A plant illness that could endanger Florida's $9 billion citrus industry has been found for the first time in the United States, agriculture officials said Friday. The bacterial disease known as citrus greening was found in samples collected from two trees in South Florida, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Cambodian Tiger Hunter Gets Seven Years in Jail

A Cambodian court sentenced the country's most wanted wildlife hunter to seven years in jail on Friday for tracking and killing more than 600 animals, including tigers and elephants, since 2001, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Plants Focus of New Study

Species conservation doesn't just apply to faraway rain forests or endangered whales. A network of botanical institutions is launching an unprecendented study of endangered native U.S. plants to determine their potential for recovery -- and in hopes of preventing their disappearance. >> Read the Full Article

New Orleans Zoo Animals Survive Katrina's Wrath

At the New Orleans zoo only three of 1,400 animals died in the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. The famous Audubon Zoo has the good fortune of being located on some of the city's highest ground, but it also had a disaster plan for the animals that worked better than the city's plan for humans. >> Read the Full Article

Irish Coral Reefs Bulldozed by Deep-Sea Trawlers

Deep-sea fishing trawlers are bulldozing 4,500 year-old cold water coral reefs off western Ireland, a British marine biologist said on Monday. Dr Jason Hall-Spencer, of the University of Plymouth in southern England, estimated that about 40 percent of the coral reefs had been destroyed. >> Read the Full Article