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U.N. Environment Chief Tells G8 It Pays to Protect Forests, Coastlines

The U.N. environment chief has a message for leaders of the world's major industrialized nations: scientists have shown that it pays to preserve forests, coastal waters and marshes. Klaus Toepfer made the case that investing in the environment will go a long way toward meeting U.N. goals to reduce poverty, supply clean drinking water and fight the spread of infectious diseases. >> Read the Full Article

ADM up to the Green Challenge

E-mails from colleagues and acquaintances around the world have been landing in Mark Matlock's inbox. The reason for the flurry of correspondence: Relaying congratulatory words for Matlock and his employer, Archer Daniels Midland Co., which recently won two Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards. >> Read the Full Article

Why Does Organic Food Cost More than Conventional?

Why does organic food cost more than conventionally grown food? There are a bushel of reasons. Limits on pesticides, for instance, mean more hand-weeding. They also mean farmers run a higher risk of losing all or part of a year's crop. >> Read the Full Article

Some Firms Give Workers Financial Incentives to Buy Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Faced with rising gas prices and increasing concerns about pollution, companies are writing checks to employees to buy cars that are more fuel-efficient and less harmful to the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Global Environmental Changes to be a Key Issue At This Week's G8

Global climate change will be a major focus at this week's G8 Summit. Scotland, host of the summit, is committed to innovation in the renewable energy sector and, as such, has created a solid industry and government support mechanism to achieve its aggressive renewable energy targets - 40 percent by 2020. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia to Charge One of Six Newmont Executives Accused of Polluting Bay

Indonesia will charge only one of six Newmont Mining Corp. executives accused of dumping toxic waste into a bay, prosecutors said Tuesday, in a legal victory for the U.S. gold mining giant. >> Read the Full Article

White House Says No Shift by Bush on Climate Change

President George W. Bush has not shifted his position on climate policy, a White House spokeswoman said on Tuesday ahead of the Group of Eight summit. >> Read the Full Article

Study Reveals Lethal Chemicals Stored Near Nation's Largest Population Centers

Experts call it one of the worst-case scenarios in a terror attack: a cloud of lung-melting gas or a toxic fireball ripping though a U.S. city. Potential casualties: 1 million or more. At least 100 chemical plants nationwide could be targeted to produce such devastation, according to congressional researchers in a report that was to be released Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Ritual and Food

Growing and preparing food goes beyond science and craft. Art, culture and tradition are the more human elements that keep us connected to family, spirituality, and a sense of ‘place.’ This week, Beyond Organic explores a new initiative connecting organic farmers and the Muslim community; talks with a Zen chef, and learns what Biodynamic agriculture is all about. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Activists Seek to Curb Raptor Deaths at California Wind Farm

When it comes to wind power, few places are more productive -- or more deadly to birds -- than this gusty stretch of rolling hills between California's San Francisco Bay area and the San Joaquin Valley. >> Read the Full Article