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Tsunami Detection a Complex Challenge

The warning system worked perfectly. From sensors far offshore, Japanese meteorologists detected a tsunami headed toward the southern island of Ishigaki in March 2002 and quickly warned residents of the possible danger. >> Read the Full Article

Bush `Clear Skies' Proposal Hinders Power Plant Cleanups, Official Says

President Bush's push to revise the Clean Air Act sometimes has hindered enforcement of the existing law for cleaning up coal-fired power plants, the Justice Department's top environmental lawyer said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Dow Chemical Brought Growth, Regrets to Freeport, Texas

James Seidler's family tree is one of the few in this small coastal town with deeper roots than Dow Chemical, a company that has dominated the pancake-flat horizon, and a lot else here, since the 1940s. >> Read the Full Article

Leaks Make up Big Part of Toxics Released by Industry

On a breezy day, Shell's 600-acre chemical plant in Deer Park turns into a giant wind chime. >> Read the Full Article

MeadWestvaco to Sell Paper-Making Business, Plant in Western Maryland

MeadWestvaco Corp. said yesterday that it is selling its paper-making business, including a Western Maryland mill that is the second-largest private employer in Allegany County. >> Read the Full Article

CMS Energy Expects Costly Toxic cleanup at Petoskey, Mich., Development

Dangerous toxics seeping into Lake Michigan at the Bay Harbor development near Petoskey could cost CMS Energy Corp. more than $45 million to clean up. >> Read the Full Article

Old High-Tech Gadgets Become New Breed of Junk

While many Lake County residents are fascinated with their new flat-screen TVs, digital cameras, Palm Pilots and other popular Christmas gifts, Victoria Wiedel worries about what will happen to the old ones. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Say Hawksbill Sea Turtle in "Drastic Decline" in Mexico

Activists of the World Wildlife Fund called on Mexico and the Caribbean nations on Tuesday to urgently implement plans to reverse what the organization called "a drastic decline" in the population of hawksbill sea turtles. >> Read the Full Article

Mexican Authorities Order Gas Well Closed after Explosion, Spill

Mexico's environmental protection agency ordered the closure of a gas well operated by the state-owned oil company Pemex on Monday, after it found the company had not gotten environmental impact and safety approval for the well, which exploded Jan. 11. >> Read the Full Article

Record Warm Winter Stirs Sleepy Estonian Bears

Estonia's warmest winter for two centuries has woken some of its 600 bears several months early from hibernation, wildlife experts say. >> Read the Full Article