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Washington State Gas Tax Plan Calls for Hike of 4 Cents

Business, labor and environmental leaders asked the Legislature on Monday to boost the state gas tax by 10 cents a gallon to raise at least $8 billion for transportation projects over the next decade. >> Read the Full Article

Planned Biofuel Plant to Use Clarkson-Developed Technology

A biodiesel and bioheating plant using technology created at Clarkson University could be operational by the end of June, plant investors said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Research May Help Fight Tiny Bee Pests

Research at the University of Minnesota could help fight a parasite that may have killed up to half the North American bee population in the past year. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Research Ship Pays US$2 Million Fine for Reef Damage

Mexico announced Monday that a U.S. research ship has paid a fine of 2,221,720 pesos (US$20 million, euro15 million) for having run aground on a coral reef and damaged it. >> Read the Full Article

Umbra on Avoiding Unsightly Bathroom Mold

A reader inquiry about removing bathroom mold without toxic chemicals sends Umbra on a cleaner-testing jag, squirting this and that all over the Grist Test Bathroom. The things she does for you people! Find out the results and get lectured on the benefits of planning ahead -- in Ask Umbra, on the Grist Magazine website. >> Read the Full Article

Mercury Damage to Babies Costs Billions, Study Says

Lower IQ levels linked to mercury exposure in the womb costs the United States $8.7 billion a year in lost earnings potential, according to a study released Monday by researchers at a New York hospital. >> Read the Full Article

Judge Approves $107.6 Million Settlement against DuPont over Alleged Poisoning of Water

A judge Monday approved a $107.6 million (euro81.16 million) settlement of a class-action lawsuit against DuPont Co. in which residents alleged that a chemical used in making the nonstick substance Teflon contaminated their water supplies. >> Read the Full Article

Traders Gather for Conference on the World's Newest Trading Commodity: Pollution

With trade booming and prices up, it's no wonder traders are anxious to talk about the world's latest commodity: pollution permits. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace Urges World Bank, ADB to Shift Funding to Renewable Energy

Greenpeace on Tuesday urged international funding agencies such as the World Bank to shift financing from large-scale, fossil-fuel projects to renewable energy to help stop global warming. >> Read the Full Article

North Carolina Oyster-Growing Project to be Permitted

People who signed up a year ago for a pilot study to grow oysters in cages under their docks have yet to get the go-ahead from state fisheries officials. >> Read the Full Article