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U.S. Government Mulls Options for Protecting Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

While the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands have been protected for nearly a century as a refuge, the surrounding reefs are entering a critical year for their protection in 2006. >> Read the Full Article

Fictional King Kong Mirrors Odd Island Facts

King Kong may be a far-fetched creation of Hollywood but scientists say the big ape has some basis in biological fact: Animals on islands often evolve into gigantic versions of their mainland kin. >> Read the Full Article

Science and the Environment: The Challenges of Reaching the Public

(By Ellen Prager, PhD) The call to bring more science more effectively to the public has grown significantly louder and broader over the past several years. But alas, we face major obstacles in public outreach both within the scientific community and outside of its bounds. >> Read the Full Article

Problems Plague Dams in Southern New England

In need of repair for more than a decade, the Slack Reservoir Dam has been declared unsafe and likely to fail in the event of a heavy storm. >> Read the Full Article

California Wine Country Flooding Set To Ease

The threat from floodwaters in Northern California's rain-soaked wine country eased Sunday even though the forecast called for more rain. >> Read the Full Article

Conservation Officers Shoot Whales after New Zealand South Island Stranding

Wildlife officers shot 41 pilot whales that beached on New Zealand's South Island, the Department of Conservation said. >> Read the Full Article

UAE Working To Rid Drinking Water of Chemical Linked To Cancer

Water authorities in the emirate of Abu Dhabi are working to rid drinking water of elevated levels of bromate, a chemical compound thought to cause cancer. >> Read the Full Article

New Orleans Aquarium Restocking after Huge Hurricane Losses

Like New Orleans itself, the aquarium is now on a long road back. And like the city, the revival will depend, in part, on hardy holdouts and returning evacuees, some still living far away. >> Read the Full Article

Tiny American Pika Seen Headed toward Extinction

Human activity and climate change may be pushing the tiny American pika toward extinction in the mountains of western North America. >> Read the Full Article

'Rogue' African Elephants May Soon Hunt Poachers

Elephants have an acute sense of smell, can travel anywhere in the bush, and don't break down -- making them ideal for patrols as well as tracking poachers. >> Read the Full Article