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China Says It's Slowing Rate of Desertification

China, with desert covering one third of its landmass, is slowing the rate at which desertification is eating up arable and other land but the problem remains serious, a government official said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Pollution Market Collapses -- But Without Triggering Concern Among Experts

A new commodity burst onto trading markets a year ago, heralded as a key ingredient in the effort to curtail climate-changing greenhouse gases. That item was carbon permits -- the right to pollute -- and it soared from zero to a US$10 billion business. >> Read the Full Article

Oxford University Wins Animal Rights Injunction

Britain's Oxford University won a legal battle on Friday to increase the restrictions placed on animal rights activists who regularly demonstrate against its new research laboratory. >> Read the Full Article

Complex Views of Cars and Higher Gas Prices Found during a Drive across Nation

Announced by the sharp crack of a backfiring engine, the caravan of old Pontiacs and Fords wended their way off the highway and into the gas station-restaurant, arriving, it seemed, from another time. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Bill Lets 9-11 Victims File Asbestos Fund Claims

Sponsors of legislation to compensate U.S. asbestos victims said Friday they had expanded it to include access to payments for people sickened by the mineral as a result of disasters such as hurricanes or the Sept. 11 attacks. >> Read the Full Article

Toepfer Warns Climate Change Could Destabilise World

Global warming is hitting the poor the hardest and climate change could cause worldwide destabilisation if solutions are not found, one of the world's leading environmentalists said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

From Biofuels to Wind, Quest for Energy Alternatives Steps Up

The future of energy is bright in Said Al-Hallaj's invention lab at the Illinois Institute of Technology, and not just because of the solar window that lies in development on a table. >> Read the Full Article

Chronology: Recent Pacific Rim Earthquakes

An earthquake that devastated a wide area around Indonesia's ancient royal city of Yogyakarta on Saturday is now known to have killed more than 5,100 people. Following is a list of some earthquakes which have hit the Pacific Rim region in recent years. >> Read the Full Article

Alligators Abound During Annual Florida Count

To the unaided eye, the swamp seems to sleep at night. But hit it with a spotlight and alligators suddenly appear everywhere, their bulbous red eyes glowing on the water's black surface. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Conference Backs Crackdown on Illegal Fishing

Delegates to a U.N. conference reviewing a 1995 treaty aimed at protecting dwindling ocean fish stocks urged governments and regional fisheries managers Friday to intensify their efforts to crack down on illegal and unregulated catches. >> Read the Full Article