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Rising Seas Threaten Islands, Cities, Coasts

It sounds insignificant alongside the Indian Ocean tsunami, yet an almost imperceptible annual rise in the world's oceans may pose a huge threat to ports, coasts and islands by 2100. >> Read the Full Article

Sierra Club Blasts University of Central Florida for Stadium Plans

UCF's sudden drive to build an on-campus stadium has opened the door for a wider challenge to the school's controversial growth plan. >> Read the Full Article

Graniteville, S.C., Mill Officials Fear Equipment Damage from Chlorine Leak

Avondale Mills officials are still waiting to do a damage assessment of the seven plants and related offices shut down by the Norfolk Southern train wreck, but have been warned by chemical experts to expect massive damage from the corrosive chlorine leak that killed nine people, a company official said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricanes May Have Spared Manatees

The fury of four hurricanes in Florida may have spared the state's endangered manatee population from further decline. >> Read the Full Article

Study Urges Water Conservation on Farms

A growing population coupled with diminishing fresh water supplies should force major changes in the way the world's farmers water their crops in the coming decades, a recent study recommends. >> Read the Full Article

Salt's Impact on Mountain Lakes Studied

Scientists are researching the long-term environmental effects of winter road maintenance, using the Cascade Lakes near Lake Placid as a laboratory. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing to Plant Rooftop Grass to Clean Away Smog

Polluted Beijing is planning to clean up its act by planting grass on rooftops, Xinhua news agency said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Notes from Anna: Hip, Small, and Green -- The Tiny Abode Is All the Rage

A wave of recent articles in print and online touched on the theme of the ideal dwelling. I felt compelled to contribute my two cents to the discussion when I opened this month's issue of Utne magazine, to find a photo of the house that I -- as a child of six -- had conjured up in my imagination: a small, transparent glass cabin, set amidst ferns and green trees. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Sea Turtles Hit by Tsunami

Endangered sea turtles were also casualties of the tsunami, with the monster waves possibly hastening their extinction, a marine expert said Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Focuses on Saving Its Endangered Natural Springs

For a city kid, Guy Axelrod was pretty good with the hand net he used to catch tiny critters as he waded downstream from Crystal Springs. >> Read the Full Article