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U.S. Seeks Home For Research On Fearsome Diseases

WASHINGTON - A federal laboratory off Long Island, known as the "Alcatraz for animal disease," may move to the U.S. mainland as part of a new $450 million research center. Plans for the next-generation National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility, slated to go online by 2013, include biosafety labs where scientists, clad in outfits resembling spacesuits and tethered to air supplies, would research diseases that can spread to people from animals. >> Read the Full Article

MIT aims for kinder, gentler scallop dredge

The director of MIT Sea Grant's Center for Fisheries Engineering Research wants to build a better dredge-even though he's the first to admit that current dredges do a fine job of catching the creatures. What current dredges don't do, says Goudey, is take into consideration unintended consequences, such as damaging bottom habitat -- a concern since the 1986 reauthorization of the Magnuson-Stevens Act introduced the issue of essential fish habitat. >> Read the Full Article

European hot spots and fires identified from space

Hot spots across Southeastern Europe from 21 to 26 August have been detected with instruments aboard ESA satellites, which have been continuously surveying fires burning across the Earth’s surface for a decade. Working like thermometers in the sky, the Along Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) on ESA’s ERS-2 satellite and the Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR) on ESA’s Envisat satellite measure thermal infrared radiation to take the temperature of Earth's land surfaces. >> Read the Full Article

Sentence Vick, Punish Severely, Says Humane Society

DENVER - The American Humane Association, said NFL star Michael Vick should be sent to prison and banned from professional football, following Vick's guilty plea in a dogfighting case. >> Read the Full Article

Saving the remarkable kakapo from extinction

One of the strangest and most endangered birds in the world, the kakapo, is being brought back from the brink of extinction with the help of scientists from the University of Glasgow. The largest of all parrot species, flightless, nocturnal and plant-eating, the kakapo used to be found all over New Zealand. But ecological changes, habitat clearance and the introduction of predatory mammals combined to cause a catastrophic decline in numbers to only 51 in 1995. >> Read the Full Article

Airlines body bids farewell to paper tickets

The global airlines body IATA said on Monday it had placed its last order for paper tickets, clearing the way for air travel to be based entirely on electronic ticketing from June 1 next year. "In just 278 more days, the paper ticket will become a collector's item," said Giovanni Bisignani, director general of the International Air Transport Association. The changeover from paper would not only cut airlines' costs by $9 for every traveller but would also mean the industry -- criticized by environmentalists for its part in global warming -- would save 50,000 mature trees a year, he added. >> Read the Full Article

Vick Dogfighting Case: Star Pleads Guilty, Apologizes

RICHMOND, Virginia - U.S. football star Michael Vick pleaded guilty and publicly apologized on Monday for his role in a dogfighting case that will land him in jail and already has prompted his suspension from the sport. Standing ramrod straight, Vick said "guilty" when asked by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson how he would plead to the charge of conspiracy in connection with an illegal, interstate dogfighting enterprise. >> Read the Full Article

Dunkin' Donuts Cuts Trans Fat from Menu

NEW YORK - Restaurant company Dunkin' Brands Inc. said on Monday that all menu offerings in its Dunkin' Donuts restaurants will have zero grams of artery clogging trans fat by October 15 this year. The company also said all ice cream products at its Baskin-Robbins chain will have zero grams trans fat by January 1, 2008. Privately held Dunkin' Donuts, which has tested over 28 alternative oils since 2003, said it has already tried trans fat free doughnuts in about 400 restaurants throughout the United States, over a period of four months. >> Read the Full Article

Analysis: Weak Laws, Neglect Behind Greek Fires

ATHENS - Weak zoning laws, careless farmers and smoldering garbage dumps are the main reasons for the forest fires that have killed 63 and destroyed whole rural economies in Greece in recent days, Greenpeace said on Monday. The fires, fanned by strong winds, have engulfed whole villages, forcing thousands to flee their homes, and burned millions of hectares of woods and farmland dried by summer heat. Greece has declared a state of emergency and sought help from its EU partners. The prime minister, facing parliamentary elections on September 16, indicated arsonists might have been responsible and vowed to punish them. >> Read the Full Article

Rave Reviews: Show Some Sun Love

With summer slowly coming to a close, I find it ironic that some of the best t-shirts are now hitting the stores. One of those t-shirts happens to be Zooey and Love & Eight's Organic Cotton Solar Powered Tee. These two established brands have teamed up for a "green project" to raise awareness about global warming and raise funds for the environmental group Healthy World, Healthy Child - a Los Angeles-based non-profit "dedicated to protecting the health and well being of children from harmful environmental exposures." >> Read the Full Article