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China Detains Man for Spreading Pollution Rumours

China, which this week warned officials they would be punished for covering up pollution, has detained a man after he sent text messages telling people of a new case of water pollution, media reported on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

EU Ready for More Bird Flu from Africa Migration

Europe is preparing for more cases of the lethal strain of bird flu as the spring migration season approaches and new species, possibly already infected, arrive from Africa, the EU's health chief said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Plans to Send Missouri Water North Worry Canada

U.S. plans to combat droughts by diverting Missouri River water north into Canada are pushing the two countries toward their second clash in a year over water use. >> Read the Full Article

Powell Says Wetlands, Levees Vital to Louisiana

Building higher levees isn't the sole solution to protecting this city and the rest of low-lying south Louisiana from killer hurricanes, President Bush's adviser on Gulf Coast recovery said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Japanese Ministry Shuts off Heating in Race to Meet Kyoto Target

Japan's Environment Ministry turned off its heating this week, leaving staff unable to even make a cup of tea, in an effort to spur the country to meet its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, an official said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

In Chile, Going for Gold Means Digging under Glaciers

As the world's largest gold mining company, Barrick Gold Corp. of Canada planned to relocate three huge ice fields to dig for gold high up on the spine of the Andes mountains. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: February 20th - 24th

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news February 20th - 24th: Logging and landslides, cultured gorillas, a new coral reef, making the best of dog waste, and much more. >> Read the Full Article

Urban Land Trusts

(By Steven J. Moss) These days, hardly a dime is tossed towards systematically reclaiming urban eco-systems. With a majority of the world’s population soon to live in cities, it’s time to focus on recreating sustainable wilderness areas in our own backyards. >> Read the Full Article

Steelworkers Lead Teflon Chemical Warnings

A coalition including the United Steelworkers and several environmental groups is asking the state to list a chemical used in the production of Teflon and other products as a cancer-causing substance. >> Read the Full Article

Greenland Starts Quota to Save Polar Bears

Greenland's government on Wednesday introduced the ice-capped island's first hunting quota for polar bears, which scientists believe are threatened by the effects of global warming. >> Read the Full Article