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San Francisco Waldorf School Green Report

Dave Alsop, Head of Administration for the San Francisco Waldorf High School, watched along with excited parents, students, and faculty as the green ribbon was cut today welcoming the students to the first and only San Francisco LEED Gold Certified High School. Alsop explained, "We wanted the new high school to represent our values both visibly and outwardly"; and they succeeded. >> Read the Full Article

Saving the California Redwoods, Again

Eureka, California - Daylight and mist chase away the last of the night’s moon shadows, revealing a fern-dominated woodland floor and a forest defined by ancient redwood trees. A sense of peace rains down from the dense canopy in showers of bird song. Centuries have passed untainted in this place. At more than 2,000 years old, Spooner has stood witness over a long era of harmony. Spooner is a redwood that lives in this beautiful grove nestled in the Nanning Creek watershed—a tributary of the Eel River. Spooner, named by those who visit it, is among the last of the unprotected giants. But just two miles away at the Pacific Lumber mill, plans are being made to see Spooner--and his ancient neighbors--chopped down and turned to lumber. >> Read the Full Article

Stevia Used in Japan, China and Brazil, But FDA Declares Herb "Unsafe"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. health regulators warned Hain Celestial Group Inc about a potentially unsafe herb in some of its herbal teas, saying it might be dangerous to blood sugar, reproductive, cardiovascular and renal systems.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent a letter to Hain dated August 17 calling the herb, a natural sweetener made from a South American herb called stevia, "an unsafe food additive." The agency released the letter on its Web site on Tuesday.

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How "Organic" Is Organic? New Calls For Testing Organic Foods For GMO's

Should organics be tested for GMOs?
A recent disturbing incident of GMO contamination of organic soybeans raises the question of whether organic foods should be tested for genetically modified material. The US National Organic Program (NOP) rules prohibit GMOs in organics but don’t require methods to prohibit GMO contamination or establish thresholds for adventitious GM presence. The Organic & Non-GMO Report asked organic industry experts if organics should be tested for GMOs.

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Nobel Peace Prize could go to climate campaigner

OSLO (Reuters) - The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize could go to a climate campaigner such as ex-U.S. Vice-President Al Gore or Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier, reinforcing a view that global warming is a threat to world security, experts say.

The winner of the $1.5 million prize, perhaps the world's top accolade, will be announced in Oslo on October 12 from a field of 181 candidates. The prize can be split up to three ways.

"There are reasonably good chances that the peace prize will be awarded to someone working to stop the dramatic climate problems the world is facing," said Boerge Brende, a former Norwegian environment minister.

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Tropical Activity Possible In Gulf of Mexico

NEW YORK - Tropical activity is possible in a couple of days in the Gulf of Mexico, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said in a report Tuesday.  At 5:30 a.m. EDT (0930 GMT), the NHC said, "Conditions are currently unfavorable for development of a large area of disorganized cloudiness and thunderstorm associated with a tropical wave and an upper-level trough (an elongated area of low pressure) from the east coast of Florida eastward for a few hundred miles over the western Atlantic and Bahamas."

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Petrol Cars will all be banned by 2040 if ...

Petrol Cars will all be banned by 2040 if the lib Dems’ move is seen by many as an attempt to regain a foothold in mainstream politics by becoming radical innovators.  Their leader Sir Menzies Campbell said that the Liberal Democrats were the only party that were prepared to stand up and address what changes need to be implemented to tackle the negative effects of climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Let There Be... Organic Food

COMMERCE, Texas - The Hale family has embraced organic farming because it is healthy, good for the environment and less cruel to animals. But do not mistake them for nature-worshiping New Agers or back-to-basics hippies.They are part of a small movement of conservative Christians who believe the Bible demands an organic or natural approach to agriculture. >> Read the Full Article

Group Asks SEC To Force Climate Risk Disclosure

WASHINGTON  - A group of institutional investors, state officials and environmental groups called on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday to force publicly-traded companies to disclose climate-related risks along with other factors that affect their business.

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Western Canadian Pine Beetle infestation Spreads

VANCOUVER, British Columbia  - Voracious beetles that have ravaged more than 9 million hectares (35,000 square miles) of British Columbia's forests have wiped out about 40 percent of the infested region's marketable pine trees, according to a report released on Monday. >> Read the Full Article