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Floods in Africa kill dozens and wipe out crops

Floods from torrential rains have caused the deaths of at least 80 more people, displaced thousands, and devastated crops and livestock across sub-Saharan Africa, officials said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Genetic "barcodes" may cut illegal trade

New genetic tests could help crack down on illegal food or timber trade, fight malaria or even give clues to how to stop bird strikes with planes, scientists said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Island Building Aids River's Habitat

On the Mississippi River below the verdant bluffs that mark the far southern Minnesota-Wisconsin line, the federal government is waging a multi-million dollar campaign against the elements. >> Read the Full Article

Ingrid Moves Through Open Atlantic

Tropical Storm Ingrid moved through the open Atlantic early Saturday, but the weak storm was not expected to pose a threat to land, forecasters said. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia quake toll rises to 17 dead

The toll from a severe earthquake on Indonesia's Sumatra island last week has risen to 17 dead and 88 injured, while more than 13,000 homes were destroyed or damaged, officials said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Arctic sea route opens

The Arctic's Northwest Passage has opened up fully because of melting sea ice, clearing a long-sought but historically impassable route between Europe and Asia, the European Space Agency said. Sea ice has shrunk in the Arctic to its lowest level since satellite measurements began 30 years ago, ESA said, showing images of the now "fully navigable" route between the Atlantic and the Pacific. >> Read the Full Article

Italy's debate on alternative energy cranks up

Italian government officials took to newspapers on Saturday to promote alternative energy, including banned nuclear power, as a debate over the country's heavy dependence on power imports cranked up. "We are not giving up on nuclear even if it's not our immediate answer," Economic Development Minister Pierluigi Bersani told La Repubblica newspaper in an interview. >> Read the Full Article

A chance encounter with a Malayan tiger

After camping for four days in the dense forests of Temengor Forest Reserve in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia with Mark Rayan Darmaraj and Shariff Mohamad, two field biologists from WWF-Malaysia, and Samir Mansingh from WWF-Nepal, we stopped near a settlement inhabited by the Orang Asli. >> Read the Full Article

Clean coal to qualify for Kyoto carbon offsets

LONDON (Reuters) - Very efficient coal-fired power plants will be able to sell carbon offsets under the Kyoto Protocol, in an expansion of project eligibility under the carbon trading scheme, U.N. official Jose Miguez said. "It was approved," he told Reuters on Friday. China is set to overtake the United States this year as the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, blamed for global warming, largely because of its rapidly rising coal consumption. >> Read the Full Article

Smithsonian researchers develop models to assess wetland health

Healthy wetlands perform vital ecological functions in a watershed. But assessing their condition and ability to perform those functions is not easy, especially as wetlands are disappearing fast due to human encroachment. >> Read the Full Article