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Amazon Burning Makes Brazil a Leading Polluter

Burning of the Amazon and other forests accounts for three quarters of Brazil's greenhouse gas emissions and has made the country one of the world's leading polluters, a long-delayed government report showed Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Nobel Winner Urges Tree Plantings; Peace Row Brews

Kenya's Wangari Maathai urged a fight against deforestation on Wednesday on her arrival in Oslo to collect the Nobel Peace Prize amid controversy about whether the award has lost its way by embracing environmentalism. >> Read the Full Article

Pygmy Chimpanzee May Be Near Extinction

One of man's closest relatives, the pygmy chimpanzee, may be much closer to extinction than previously thought, a conservation group said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Say Government Plans Oil and Gas Lease Auction for National Forest Tracts

A federal oil and gas lease auction planned for Friday will offer companies the chance to bid for drilling rights on roadless tracts in a popular national forest, conservation groups say. >> Read the Full Article

Study: Return of Wolves Changes Ecosystem

Scientists studying the broader effects of wolf reintroduction said a growing body of evidence suggests that killing off predators such as wolves and grizzly bears in the last century started a cascade of effects that threw ecosystems out of balance. >> Read the Full Article

First Alcoholic Drinks Found In China and Other Stories

Stone Age farmers in China livened their days with alcoholic beverages more than 9,000 years ago. The dregs of this drink, discovered at an ancient village site in northern China, are the oldest evidence of alcoholic brewing yet found. >> Read the Full Article

Diablo Canyon, Calif., Nuclear Plant to Build Waste Storage Facility

The public will gain access to three miles of coastline north of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant within the next two years, the state Coastal Commission decided Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Martinsville, Ind., Files Lawsuit over Water-Cleanup Costs

City officials want to install a filter to protect the municipal water supply, which faces contamination from a chemical suspected of causing cancer. >> Read the Full Article

Chesapeake Bay Researchers Growing Blue Crabs in the Lab in Hopes of Restoring the Industry

More than 1,600 wriggling blue crabs, so young that their shells are still soft and see-through, are taken from gurgling tanks and dropped one at a time into coolers filled with nets. Minutes later, they are loaded onto trucks, driven to two tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay and dropped into the water. >> Read the Full Article

Hawks Evicted From New York City Perch

Pale Male the city hawk was evicted from his nest, and the flap has already begun. >> Read the Full Article