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EarthTalk: Combatting Sprawl with 'Smart Growth'

Sprawl is the tendency of cities to expand into outlying agricultural and rural lands, creating developed suburbs where there was once open space. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Cities Eye Ocean Waves for Power Supplies

Since ancient times poets have revered the power of the seas. Now energy companies and coastal cities like New York and San Francisco are aiming to tap ocean waves and tidal currents as abundant sources of electricity. >> Read the Full Article

President's Budget Cuts Funding for Fisheries Programs

Five months after a presidential commission recommended spending billions more to protect the nation's oceans, the White House has proposed a budget that would reduce funding for fisheries and eliminate the Pacific Islands regional office in Hawaii. >> Read the Full Article

Reef Expert Gives Back to Asia

The horrific images of tsunami-battered shores in Southeast Asia recalled to Deborah Brosnan her own personal disaster in that part of the world. She and her husband, Steven Courtney, survived a fiery jet crash in Taipei, Taiwan, that killed 83 passengers in 2000. >> Read the Full Article

Unions Lobbying Democrats to Back President's Clean Air Plan

A coalition of labor unions -- traditionally a bastion of support for Democrats -- are lobbying senators of that party in favor of President Bush's air-pollution plan. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Pollution May Affect Babies' Genes

A study of New York City newborns suggests that prenatal exposure to air pollution may be linked to genetic changes associated with an increased risk of cancer, researchers said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Two Environmental Groups Sue Puerto Rico's Sewer Authority

Two environmental groups sued Puerto Rico's sewer authority on Monday, accusing it of using coastal waters "as a toilet" by allegedly leaking human waste into the sea. >> Read the Full Article

Salvage and Oil Cleanup of Aleutian Freighter Wreck Halted Until Spring

Salvage and cleanup operations of a freighter that wrecked in the Aleutian Islands have been shut down until spring, the Coast Guard said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Do Cows and Tennis Balls Stoke Global Warming?

Cows and sheep grazing in fields, joggers' shoes or even the kitchen fridge could all be targeted under a new U.N. pact meant to rein in global warming. >> Read the Full Article

UK Activists Hail Court Ruling in "McLibel" Case

Two Britons found to have libelled the U.S. fast food chain McDonald's after the longest court case in English legal history did not have a fair trial, the European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article