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Are You Eating Dinner on a Piece of Rainforest?

Love your new dining room table ... but did you ask the salesman whether it's made from chopped up rainforest trees? A growing number of furniture shoppers are doing just that when they buy new home decor. >> Read the Full Article

Congo Rangers Treat Rare Gorilla Orphaned in Shooting

National park rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are battling to save a 2-month-old gorilla found clinging to its dead mother, who was shot dead through the back of the head, conservationists said on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

China Punishes Five Officials for Lake Pollution

China has sacked or otherwise punished five officials for dereliction of duty after green algae covered the country's third largest lake, prompting a drinking water crisis for millions, a newspaper said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Trade Banned for Endangered Sawfish

An international conference on endangered species banned almost all trade Monday in sawfish -- large shark-like rays whose long snouts bristling with teeth are in high demand among collectors. >> Read the Full Article

Logging May Wreck Orangutan Forests in a Decade, UN Says

Illegal logging could destroy the last forest strongholds of orangutans within a decade and the world should do more to help Indonesia halt smuggling both of apes and of timber, a U.N. report said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

E-Waste Capital of China Chokes on Old Computers

Every year, millions of unwanted computers, keyboards, television sets and cell phones are smuggled into China by sea. Much ends up in Guiyu, a rough town on the southern Chinese coast, not far from the former British colony of Hong Kong. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Pledge To Make Capitol Complex Carbon Neutral in Battle Against Climate Change

Congress says it is going to join the war against global warming by cleaning up its own backyard, now cluttered with a coal-burning power plant, a fleet of fuel-inefficient vehicles and old-fashioned lights. >> Read the Full Article

Panel Votes To Ban Bottom Trawling in Northern Bering Sea

An advisory fisheries panel voted Sunday to put 180,000 square miles (466,200 square kilometers) of the northern Bering Sea off-limits to bottom trawling, a form of fishing that conservation groups say is destructive to vulnerable habitat for numerous species. >> Read the Full Article

Divers Begin Removing Artificial Tire Reef That Wreaked Havoc on Ocean Floor

It took only days to create what was touted as the world's largest artificial reef in 1972, when a well-intentioned group dumped hundreds of thousands of old tires into the ocean. But the tires turned out to be a reef killer, turning a swath of ocean floor the size of 31 football fields into a dead zone. Now divers expect to spend years hauling them to the surface. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Religious Leaders Assert Need To Act on Climate

Episcopal, Catholic, Jewish and evangelical Christian -- agreed Thursday on the need to confront global warming, while other faith representatives questioned the climate change threat. >> Read the Full Article