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Study Finds High Toxins in Wash. Fish

A state Department of Ecology study has found that fish in the Spokane River have the highest concentrations of toxic flame retardants of any freshwater fish in Washington state. >> Read the Full Article

Unlikely Bedfellows Lobby against US Gas-Guzzlers

A group of former national security officials Monday took up the cause of weaning U.S. drivers from their oil addiction -- normally the realm of environmental groups -- and asked the Bush administration to spend $1 billion on lighter, more fuel-efficient automobiles. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: God, Food & the Environment

Last month, the Archbishop of Canterbury called on the Church of England to adopt ecologically sensitive policies regarding recycling and using organic foods for communion rituals. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Power Plants Turning to Dry Casks for Storing Used Fuel

About 40 percent of the nation's nuclear power plants have begun moving spent fuel out of cooling pools and into massive dry casks, embracing a storage approach that a National Academy of Sciences panel said offers safety advantages. >> Read the Full Article

Activists Gear up to Fight Seal and Elephant Culls

Animal rights groups have begun fresh public campaigns timed for the start of the annual seal hunt off the coast of Canada this week and suggestions that South Africa may kill elephants for population control. >> Read the Full Article

African Union Appoints Nobel Laureate to Key Advisory Position

The African Union has appointed Nobel peace laureate Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmentalist, to chair an advisory commission on social and environmental policies. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Debate Quake Vs. Aftershock

Earthquake or aftershock? For thousands of Indonesians digging out from the latest devastating geologic jolt, the question is academic. Monday's earthquake was a catastrophic exclamation point on what has been a harrowing three months on Sumatra and surrounding islands. >> Read the Full Article

Contractors Face Pressure to Lower Diesel Engine Pollution

Construction companies are being pressured to retrofit diesel-operated trucks and machines with pollution control equipment or risk losing business. >> Read the Full Article

Environment Must be Taken into Account as Asia Economy Grows, Officials Say

The environment can't be ignored as bustling Asian economies grow, despite concerns the issue could slow business expansion aimed at reducing poverty, officials said Tuesday at a U.N.-sponsored conference. >> Read the Full Article

Premier, Inc. Among "Champions for Change" Recipients

Premier, Inc. has been recognized for helping healthcare facilities with their environmental efforts, including waste minimization and the elimination of the use of mercury. >> Read the Full Article