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Audubon Society of Rhode Island's Project Promotes Renewable Energy

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island yesterday announced a campaign to urge thousands of people to use electricity from wind and water sources. >> Read the Full Article

Weyerhaeuser Sets Record Profit for Quarter

Maybe money really does grow on trees. At least, it's seemed that way for Weyerhaeuser this year. >> Read the Full Article

Weyerhaeuser Reports Sevenfold Increase in Third-Quarter Haul vs. Last Year

Weyerhaeuser Co. made seven times more money last quarter than it did a year ago. >> Read the Full Article

Southern California Called Vulnerable to Rolling Blackouts

Limited high-voltage line capacity and the mothballing of old power plants could leave Southern California on the brink of rolling blackouts in the next couple of years, according to a state report released Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Atwater, Calif.-Area Dairy Introduces System to Help with Waste Problem

The Joseph Gallo Farms Cottonwood Dairy near Atwater has 5,000 cows, and each one of them produces about 120 pounds of liquid and solid waste per day. >> Read the Full Article

BP and Shell Enjoy High Oil Prices by Earning $100 Million Daily Profit

BP and Shell are set to report stunning profits of $9 billion (5 billion pounds) between them for the three months to September — $100 million a day — as they cash in on the soaring oil price. >> Read the Full Article

Typhoon Kills 62 in Japan, Deadliest in 20 Years

Japan's deadliest typhoon in more than two decades killed at least 62 people, media said on Thursday, as rescuers searched frantically for 27 still missing in floods and landslides. >> Read the Full Article

Local Initiatives Target Genetic Engineering in a Grassroots Battle over Biotech Farming

When voters in the Northern California county of Mendocino passed an initiative this spring banning the cultivation of genetically engineered crops, there were celebrations 3,000 miles away in Vermont. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Consumers Get Cold Feet as Energy Costs Soar

The surging cost of fuel oil and gasoline have set the stage for a cold, expensive winter in the United States and sparked concerns that consumers will cut spending, a move economists worry will hamper growth. >> Read the Full Article

Lawsuit Accuses Feds of Mismanaging Conservation Program

The National Wildlife Federation has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that duck, pheasant, and other ground-nesting bird populations are being harmed by mismanagement of a government program that pays farmers to set aside croplands. >> Read the Full Article