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States Seek to Kill Sea Lions for Salmon

So far, California sea lions have been winning their contest for survival with the Washington and Oregon salmon heading upstream to spawn. That may be about to change. >> Read the Full Article

Melting Himalayan Glaciers Pose Security Risk, UNEP Says

Global warming will cause the Himalayan glaciers to melt, leading to mass migration and possibly conflicts over valuable resources such as agricultural land and fresh water, the U.N. Environment Programme chief said. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Tells U.S. Industry To Invest in Clean-Tech

On the eve of the first U.N. Security Council debate on global warming, British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett warned U.S. businesses to invest in carbon-free technology or lose out to Europeans. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Agrees To Reduce Lead in Products for Children Because of Health Hazard

Companies that make or distribute toys, zippers and other children's products will face tougher government scrutiny to keep out any lead that could poison and kill children or harm their brain development. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Activists Urge U.S. Emissions Cuts

Global warming activists formed a "human postcard" on Capitol Hill, dove to a coral reef off Key West and fanned out across Manhattan's financial district Saturday to call for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Iron Traps, Pits Haunt India's Rare Asiatic Lions

Indian authorities are unearthing hundreds of large iron traps and pits in the world's only natural habitat for rare Asiatic lions after a spate of killings of the big cats by poachers. >> Read the Full Article

Venezuela's Chavez Challenges U.S. with Energy Summit

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will seek to use oil wealth to consolidate regional support for his anti-U.S. politics as he hosts an energy summit of South American leaders Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Biotech Seeks to Ease Reliance on Corn

The quest for alternative energy is more complicated than just finding a replacement for petroleum. Scientists and a growing number of biotechnology companies are attempting to remove corn from the ethanol equation because it has created huge demand for the global food staple. >> Read the Full Article

China's Yangtze River Extensively Polluted, Study Says

China's Three Gorges Dam reservoir has been fouled by pesticides, fertilizers and sewage, and more than 600 kilometres of the Yangtze river are critically polluted, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday, citing a report. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming a Security Risk

Global warming poses a "serious threat to America's national security" with terrorism worsening and the U.S. will likely be dragged into fights over water and other shortages, top retired military leaders warn in a new report. >> Read the Full Article