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Australian Farmers Wrestle Dingo Threat

Between grey granite mountains and drought-ravaged farms is a strip called the "militarised zone", the frontline of a battle between farmers and environmentalists over the survival of Australia's dingo. >> Read the Full Article

Afghan Miners Dream of Fortune in Emerald Mountains

Miners in the peaks above the Panjshir Valley are blowing their way into the rocks, hunting for emeralds that could make them a fortune in one of the world's poorest countries. >> Read the Full Article

Foster's, Scientists Team Up To Generate Clean Energy from Beer-Making

Scientists and Australian beer maker Foster's are teaming up to generate clean energy from brewery waste water -- by using sugar-consuming bacteria. The experimental technology was unveiled Wednesday by scientists at Australia's University of Queensland, which was given a $115,000 state government grant to install a microbial fuel cell at a Foster's Group brewery near Brisbane, the capital of Queensland state. >> Read the Full Article

China Climate Offensive Has Eye on Growth

China, soon to be the world's biggest greenhouse gas polluter, has gone on the offensive in global warming politics, opposing emissions caps likely to shape contentious negotiations about solutions. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Arm of Royal Dutch Shell Joins Coalition for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Caps

Royal Dutch Shell's U.S. arm said Monday it has joined a corporate/environmental coalition urging Congress to require limits on greenhouse gases tied to global warming, the third oil major to do so. >> Read the Full Article

For Asian Countries, Targeting Rice Paddies Could Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As delegates at a global warming conference hash out the best ways to reduce greenhouse gases, one of the problems -- and a possible solution -- may lie just outside Thailand's teeming capital in the country's rice fields. >> Read the Full Article

Dominica Defends Support for Whaling Following Prime Minister's Visit to Japan

Dominica rejected criticism Monday that its vote on an international whaling council was up for sale after the prime minister returned from Japan with new aid pledges and renewed his support for commercial whaling. >> Read the Full Article

Seven Colorado River States Submit Plan for Sharing Water in Drought

Seven states dependent on the Colorado River filed a plan with the Interior Department on Monday aimed at divvying up water resources during times of drought. Officials said the long-debated pact would protect 30 million people who depend on the river for drinking water. >> Read the Full Article

Interior Expands Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling off Alaska, Virginia and in Gulf

The Interior Department announced a major expansion of offshore oil and gas development Monday with proposed lease sales covering 48 million new acres off Alaska, in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and in the central Atlantic off Virginia. >> Read the Full Article

Beijing Car Ban Cut Air Pollutant by 40 Percent, Study Shows

When officials in Beijing kept about 800,000 cars off the road for three days last year, it cut the amount of nitrogen oxide air pollution almost instantly by about 40 percent, scientists reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article