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Scientific Influence Wanes, Research Funding Weakened in Bush Administration, Experts Say

The voice of science is being stifled in the Bush administration, with fewer scientists heard in policy discussions and money for research and advanced training being cut, according to panelists at a national science meeting. >> Read the Full Article

Columbus, Ohio-Based Plastics Firm Finds New Use for Corn

A year ago, Plastic Suppliers, which makes the film used in food labels and envelope windows, faced the same problem that dogs most American manufacturers: intense foreign competition. >> Read the Full Article

Low-cost Technology for Environment-Friendly Plastic Developed

Osaka Gas Co. said Friday it and an ally have developed a low-cost manufacturing technology for a new environmentally friendly but highly heat-resistant plastic that can be recycled with a special type of bacteria. >> Read the Full Article

Group to Examine Possible Cell Phone Risks

An organization that sets standards for some 100 nations has brokered an accord to help authorities assess the potential health risks facing mobile phone users. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Sides with North Carolina on Pollution Controls for TVA Coal Plants

Tennessee Valley Authority could be required to install more costly pollution controls on its coal plants next year under a consent agreement signed Thursday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and North Carolina officials pushing to limit smog in the Great Smoky Mountains. >> Read the Full Article

Programs Aim to Help Farmers Conserve Water

Area farmers were encouraged to conserve water and were apprised of government programs and insurance policies supporting water conservation at the annual potato and grain conference here this week. >> Read the Full Article

California Lawmaker to Propose Study on Converting Nuclear Plant to Natural Gas

A proposal to study Diablo Canyon's earthquake safety and the potential for converting the nuclear plant to natural gas has positioned Assemblyman Sam Blakeslee as an ambitious and somewhat contrarian freshman Republican. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Sets Exposure Limit for Rocket Fuel Pollutant

The government on Friday issued its first safety standard for perchlorate, a toxic chemical used in rocket fuel and explosives and blamed for widespread contamination of drinking water near military sites. >> Read the Full Article

Organic Produce Businesses Start to Grow

Most of Ronny Bell's friends have always been farmers, but tilling the earth was not for this New York transplant. Instead, Bell started an organic produce delivery business that blended healthy eating with convenience. >> Read the Full Article

Dischargers Seek Delay in River Cleanup Plan

Spokane River dischargers want regulators to delay for at least six months a stringent cleanup plan to reduce the river's phosphorous pollution. >> Read the Full Article