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Experts Say Alps Glaciers Will Melt by 2050

Glaciers will all but disappear from the Alps by 2050, scientists warned Monday, basing their bleak outlook on mounting evidence of slow but steady melting of the continental ice sheets. >> Read the Full Article

Survey: Waterbird Species Are in Decline

Nearly half of the world's waterbird species are in decline, mostly due to rapid economic development and the effects of climate change, according to a global survey released Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

EU Chief Backs Rules to Force Car Makers to Cut CO2 Emissions

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso backs forcing car makers to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, EU officials said Tuesday, deflecting questions over a split in the EU executive on proposed legislation. >> Read the Full Article

Conservationists Rally to Support Sharks

Conservationists estimate 20 percent of the world's shark population is threatened -- and they're calling upon to public to give up its fear and start acting on the predator's behalf. >> Read the Full Article

Prince Charles Cancels Ski Trip to Help Save Planet

Britain's Prince Charles, criticised for booking a transatlantic flight to collect an environmental award, has cancelled a ski trip to Switzerland to reduce greenhouse gases, a palace source said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Explorers Set Mark in Antarctica Journey

A team of British and Canadian explorers endured seven weeks of howling winds and subzero temperatures to become the first expedition to reach the geographic center of Antarctica without any mechanical assistance. >> Read the Full Article

Buckets of Blood Readied for Slovenian's Amazon Swim

Few would even dare swim the Amazon river bank to bank but Slovenian Martin Strel plans to swim 3,375 miles down the world's greatest river, defying piranhas, snakes, crocodiles and even sharks. "I've always been swimming for peace and friendship. I decided to dedicate the Amazon swim also to the preservation of the rain forest and clean waters," he said. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Finds Killer Whales Drawn to Warmer Arctic

Melting Arctic sea ice may be attracting more killer whales to Canada's far northern waters, and that could mean some Inuit hunters will be competing directly with the majestic marine mammals for food, a group of researchers say. >> Read the Full Article

Eco-Funding Deal Reached for Canadian Rainforest

International environmental groups and Canadian officials said Sunday they have struck a C$120 million ($103 million) deal to help fund environmentally friendly businesses in Canada's Pacific coast rainforest. >> Read the Full Article

Calls to Act on Global Warming Precede Bush Speech

Environmentalists, evangelical Christians and congressional and corporate leaders have called for action on global warming in the days leading up to President Bush's State of the Union speech. >> Read the Full Article