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U.N. Moves To Block 2006 Caspian Sea Caviar Exports

The U.N. has effectively blocked caviar exports until producer countries gives better information on stock levels and illegal sales of the highly prized delicacy. >> Read the Full Article

Stockholm Tries out Traffic Tolls To Ease Congestion

Drivers had to pay a fee to enter Stockholm on Tuesday as the city started a seven-month trial of a contentious program designed to reduce traffic and cut pollution in the Swedish capital. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Fires Ravage Rare Species in New Caledonia, Worry Environmentalists

Fires whipping through rainforests in New Caledonia are wiping out rare plant species and overwhelming firefighters, and environmental groups and local leaders appealed Tuesday for help. >> Read the Full Article

Government Issues Cleanup Guidelines for 'Dirty Bomb' Attack

The government issued cleanup standards Tuesday for a "dirty bomb" terrorist attack that would in some cases be far less rigorous than what is required for Superfund sites, nuclear power plants and nuclear waste dumps. >> Read the Full Article

Law Bans Most Mercury from Products

In an attempt to reduce, and eventually eliminate, mercury from finding its way into Narragansett Bay, the sale of items with more than one gram of mercury was prohibited as of Sunday, when a new Rhode Island law took effect. >> Read the Full Article

Three Automakers To Unveil Hybrid Plans

General Motors Corp. of the United States and German automakers DaimlerChrysler AG and BMW AG will unveil their respective gasoline-electric hybrid car strategies during the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. >> Read the Full Article

One Person Killed, More than a Thousand Displaced in Malawi Floods

Flood waters have swept through at least six villages in Malawi's Lower Shire Valley, killing one person and displacing more than a thousand in recent days, officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico Peasants Take up Machetes against Acapulco Dam

Due to be completed in 2012, La Parota will be one of Mexico's biggest dams, flooding swathes of forest and subsistence farmland around the Papagayo River. >> Read the Full Article

Science and the Environment: The Challenges of Reaching the Public -- A Guest Commentary

The call to bring more science more effectively to the public has grown significantly louder and broader over the past several years. But alas, we face major obstacles in public outreach both within the scientific community and outside of its bounds. >> Read the Full Article

On <I>Beyond Organic</I>: Food Marketing & Kids

According to the Institute of Medicine, $10 billion a year is spent marketing food to children. How many of those dollars are put toward healthy food messaging? >> Read the Full Article