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Bill to Keep Animals, Children out of Antifreeze Endorsed

The New Mexico Senate Public Affairs Committee on Tuesday unanimously endorsed a bill that would require a bittering agent to be put in antifreeze. >> Read the Full Article

City Asked to Pick Sides on Toxics

Environmentalists and business people squared off before the Eugene City Council on Monday, arguing either for or against a proposed expansion in the city's hazardous chemical reporting law. >> Read the Full Article

Solar Project on the Hot Spot

The chairman of the Nevada Senate Commerce Committee, state Sen. Randolph Towsend, on Wednesday questioned a representative of a solar power development company, Solargenix Energy, about its stalled plans to develop a 50-megawatt, solar thermal power plant in the Eldorado Valley outside of Boulder City. >> Read the Full Article

Firm Ready to Bet on Nuclear Power

Nuclear power may be coming back into vogue in the United States, and companies are looking to jump in. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Oppose Ethanol Proposal

As Wisconsin legislators sift through the science behind ethanol and its proposed use in automobile fuel statewide, some high-profile environmental groups are denouncing the "green" alternative, saying it causes more harm than good. >> Read the Full Article

Fuel Cells to Supply Electricity at Sheraton

The Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina announced yesterday that fuel cells will supply two-thirds of the hotel's electricity by the end of the year. >> Read the Full Article

Massachusetts Making Boundary Change that Could Limit Planned Offshore Windmills

Massachusetts officials are trying to redefine the state's coastline in a move that could give them more control over a proposed electricity-generating wind farm off the shore of Cape Cod. >> Read the Full Article

Russia's UES Close to Large Kyoto-Linked Deals

Russian electricity giant Unified Energy System, which accounts for 2 percent of global greenhouse gases, is close to signing 30 Kyoto-linked deals to slash emissions by 20 million tonnes a year, it said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Seizing Their Chance, Conservationists Join Forces to Push Bills

Senate Democrats and conservationists gathered on the Willamette River's frigid banks Tuesday to announce the "most important" water quality proposal in 30 years, another in a long line of environmental protections they have championed. >> Read the Full Article

Defecating Pandas Expand Their Horizons

A study of giant panda poo in China has proved the endangered animals are expanding their horizons, Xinhua news agency said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article