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Sea Bird Tied to Logging Fight Dwindles

The marbled murrelet, a threatened sea bird whose rare trait of nesting in old-growth forests made it a factor in logging battles in the U.S. Northwest, is also declining dramatically in Alaska and Canada, where most of the birds live, according to a U.S. government review. >> Read the Full Article

Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream

From herbal remedies and yoga to acupuncturists and reflexologists -- more and more patients are looking beyond conventional Western medicine for answers when it comes to medical issues such as chronic pain, stress, high blood pressure and rheumatoid arthritis. >> Read the Full Article

WTO Says Free Trade Can Help Guard the Environment

Proposals in the revived Doha Round of free trade talks could help protect the environment if governments agree to a deal at forthcoming negotiations, the head of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

EU to Spread Burden of Proposed Car Emission Cuts

The European Commission will propose carmakers should be required to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from new cars to an average of 130 grams per kilometre by 2012, a European Union source said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Seeks Extra U.S. Energy Research Funds in 2008

The Bush administration Monday asked Congress for $4.4 billion in extra research funds in fiscal 2008 for high-tech areas such as supercomputers and turning wood chips into ethanol, even though Congress has not acted on the Energy Department's 2007 request. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Demand Curbs on Mercury Trade

Industrialised nations should agree binding rules to cut use of the toxic heavy metal mercury and speed up plans to curb exports to the developing world, environmental activists said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming to Hit Poor Worst, Says U.N.'s Ban

The world's poor, who are the least responsible for global warming, will suffer the most from climate change, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told environment ministers from around the world on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Proposes Large Increase for Parks Leading up to 100th Birthday Bash

National parks would get extra money next year to prepare for a big birthday bash -- their own. President Bush's 2008 budget, unveiled Monday, would give the National Park Service its largest-ever funding increase in preparation for the park system's 100th birthday in 2016. >> Read the Full Article

Iowa Considers New Deer Contraceptive

Iowa wildlife experts are looking into a new deer contraceptive that could curb the state's multimillion-dollar-a-year overpopulation problem. >> Read the Full Article

Drought Triggers U.S. Water Wars, Pits Montana against Wyoming

For eight years drought has choked the Bighorn River, chopping 30 miles (48 kilometers) off Bighorn Lake in recent summers and prompting tourists to go elsewhere. And now a U.S. senator from Montana -- anxious to tap the reservoir to feed a downstream trout fishery -- could end Lovell's recreational plans for good. >> Read the Full Article