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Shippers Plead Guilty to Illegal Dumping

On July 14, 2005, Fairdeal Group Management SA, a ship operator based in Greece, and Fair Voyager Maritime SA, a ship owner based in Liberia, each pleaded guilty to charges that included dumping sludge and oily bilge water into international waters and obstruction of justice. >> Read the Full Article

Portuguese Firefighters Struggle to Contain Wildfires

Strong winds and sweltering temperatures fueled some 20 wildfires across drought-stricken Portugal on Thursday as the number of firefighters on duty nearly doubled compared to the previous day, authorities said. >> Read the Full Article

Trees Are Killed to Save Rare Woodpecker

In a sort of ecological trade-off, conservationists headed into the Arkansas woods Thursday to kill dozens of trees in hopes of helping the ivory-billed woodpecker, a bird that up until recently was feared extinct. >> Read the Full Article

Hybrid Cars Coming Soon to California Car Pool Lanes

Hybrid car owners are fast approaching the day when they will be allowed to drive solo in California's car pool lanes. >> Read the Full Article

Giant Ocean Waves More Common Than Thought

Last year's Hurricane Ivan generated an ocean wave that towered higher than 90 feet at one point, says a study that also suggests such giants may be more common than once thought. >> Read the Full Article

If We Could Have Written the Energy Bill... Readers Opine

ENN's readers rose enthusiastially to the challenge posed by our publisher, Jerry Kay early in the week. In an article we published on Tuesday, Jerry wrote, "If you could have written our national energy legislation what would you have included?" The ideas keep rolling in; here are some of the latest. Please add your thoughts to the mix! >> Read the Full Article

Shuttle Commander Sees Wide Environmental Damage

Commander Eileen Collins said astronauts on shuttle Discovery had seen widespread environmental destruction on Earth and warned Thursday that greater care was needed to protect natural resources. "The atmosphere almost looks like an eggshell on an egg, it's so very thin," she said. "We know that we don't have much air, we need to protect what we have." >> Read the Full Article

ENN Expo Brings Together Innovative Companies and Environmentally-Savvy Consumers

ENN Expo was created to give innovative companies and organizations the opportunity to display their creations to ENN's large and environmentally-savvy audience. Alternatively, green consumers can peruse the Expo and learn about the many truly forward-thinking businesses and products that are in the environmental products market today. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia Sanctuary Puts the Beast Back into Animals

The Cikananga Animal Rescue Center tries to help animals regain their natural instincts to allow their return to the wild. But if two Sumatran tigers awaiting a meal of raw goat meat are any indication, Alen and his team face a challenge. "Once we gave the tigers live goats, but instead of attacking the goats, they were afraid of them." >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: August 1st - 5th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. In the news August 1st - 5th: The grim view from space, man's best friend cloned, halting desert creep in Senegal, ENN's readers weigh in on energy, and much more. >> Read the Full Article