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Global Strategy to Fight Bird Flu in Animals Faces Funding Gap: FAO

The global strategy for the control of avian influenza in animals remains largely under-funded despite important contributions pledged by some donors, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations warned today. >> Read the Full Article

Fortune Rates Top 100 Corporate Citizens

Fortune magazine has announced the results of its 2005 Accountability Rating, a rating of corporate responsibility of Fortune Global 100 companies. >> Read the Full Article

New Algae Species Complicates Efforts to Improve Taste, Smell of San Diego Drinking Water

Regional water quality experts reported progress today in dealing with an unrelenting new strain of algae in Lake Skinner that is affecting the taste and smell of drinking water being served to consumers in San Diego and southwest Riverside counties. >> Read the Full Article

Rita Damages Some Refineries, but Industry Appears To Dodge Bullet

Hurricane Rita smacked a key region for oil-refining with less force than feared on Saturday, although there were some early signs of damage. >> Read the Full Article

Montana Faces Eternal Clean-Up of Toxic Lake

Long before Hurricane Katrina inundated New Orleans with what officials describe as a dangerous toxic soup, Montana's mining capital struggled to deal with a massive watery hazard. >> Read the Full Article

Fish and Wildlife Service Designates Bull Trout Habitat

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Friday said it will designate more than 100,000 acres of lakes and reservoirs in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana as critical habitat for the threatened bull trout. >> Read the Full Article

Solar-Power Cars Set Off Across Australian Outback

Twenty-two bug-shaped solar cars designed and built by corporations and universities from around the world set out across the vast, inhospitable Australian outback on Sunday in the eighth World Solar Challenge. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricane Rita Affecting Bird Migration

For millennia, fall's Gulf of Mexico hurricanes have butted gale-force winds against the southbound journeys of migrating birds. Somehow, the birds have been able to sense storm paths and survive. >> Read the Full Article

Early Snowmelts Heating Alaska Arctic, Study Suggests

Spring snowmelt in Alaska's Arctic is occurring progressively earlier, accelerating the region's climate change and helping produce its warmest summers in at least 400 years, according to a new study. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Actually Aided Crops in Indonesia

From atop the coconut tree where he fled to escape the onrushing water, Muhammad Yacob watched the tsunami turn his rice paddy into a briny, debris-strewn swamp. Nine months later, Yacob and his wife are harvesting their best-ever crop -- despite fears that salt water had poisoned the land. >> Read the Full Article