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Study Says Cruise Ships Distress Harbor Seals

When large cruise ships get too close to harbor seals, the animals become distressed, according to a new federal study. One concern is that if seals are routinely disturbed, it will drain their energy reserves, possibly resulting in lower reproduction or reduced survival. >> Read the Full Article

Kashmir's Rare Red Deer to Get Hi-Tech Protection

Wildlife authorities in India's part of Kashmir plan to use satellite-tracking technology to help save the endangered red deer from poachers who target the animal for its meat and antlers. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Judge Orders Salmon Water Plan on Klamath River to Start

A federal judge has ordered the government to institute a Klamath River management plan immediately, which means farmers could be deprived of irrigation if water levels drop low enough to threaten the survival of coho salmon. >> Read the Full Article

China at Heart of Illegal Timber Trade Greenpeace Says

China lies at the heart of a global trade plundering endangered rainforests in Southeast Asia to supply Europe and the United States, the environmental group Greenpeace said in a report issued in Beijing. >> Read the Full Article

EU Calls for Global Ban on Bottom Trawling to Prevent Harm to Ocean Life

The European Union called for a global ban Tuesday on bottom trawling calling the random fishing practice harmful to the biodiversity of oceans. >> Read the Full Article

Pressed by Sprawl and Environmental Laws, Dairy Farmers Quitting California

The flight of dairies is nearly complete in Southern California, marking what could be a turning point in California's long-held dominance over the industry. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Looking beyond Timber Sales for Revenues

The lure of money is shaping the nation's 155 national forests: more advertising, more fees, more roads to draw timber sales and lumber mill jobs. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Says New Research Proves Scientific Whaling is 'A Sham'

A new study shows there is no justification for scientific whaling programs under which thousands of the mammals have been killed in the name of research, Australia's environment minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Britain's Blair Endorses Asia-Pacific Climate Pact

British Prime Minister Tony Blair on Tuesday backed an Asia-Pacific climate partnership that includes India, China and the United States, saying it was not aimed at undermining the Kyoto protocol on cutting gas emissions. >> Read the Full Article

Island Nation Creates Third Largest Marine Park

A tiny island nation in the Pacific Ocean has created the world's third-largest marine reserve, as global efforts to preserve biodiversity widen to include everything from insects to fish to forests. >> Read the Full Article