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Nuclear Industry Stands To Get Help from Taxpayers

With the president leading the cheers, the nuclear industry is poised to receive a bounty of incentives from Congress that could subsidize construction of new nuclear reactors in central Illinois and several other locations. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Nears Completion of Energy Bill; Conflict Expected with House

The Senate neared completion of a sweeping national energy agenda late Thursday that would promote conservation and environmentally friendly fuels. But senators rejected a last-minute bid to substantially raise automobile fuel economy over the next decade. >> Read the Full Article

Group Rejects Japanese Plans for Coastal Whale Hunt

Japan suffered yet another setback on Thursday in its bid for more whaling when an international commission rejected a plea to allow Japanese coastal communities to hunt whales. >> Read the Full Article

California Turns to Goats to Stop Wildfires

Move over Smokey the Bear. In California, thousands of goats are helping prevent wildfires. From hilly San Francisco to more rural settings, California landowners, business and officials have hired the voracious animals to devour the grass and brush that fuels wildfires. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: June 20th - 24th

ENN's editors summarize the most compelling environmental and sustainable economy themes of the week. In the news June 20th - 24th: A solar sail saga, the Senate debates energy, the meaning behind chickadee chirps, and benchmarks set for Boston Harbor. >> Read the Full Article

Mitsubishi Motors To Mass-Produce Electric Motorcar in 2010

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said Thursday it plans to mass-produce electric motorcars in 2010, while launching a brand-new model of a sport utility vehicle this fall and a mini-vehicle model in January next year. >> Read the Full Article

Greenlight Energy Gains Approval to Build Large-Scale Wind Farm in Northeastern Colorado

Greenlight Energy, Inc., an independent power producer of wind energy, today announced it has received approval from the Washington County Commission to develop a large-scale wind farm near the town of Akron that could provide enough clean energy to meet the annual needs of up to 90,000 homes. >> Read the Full Article

Manatee Hotels, Resorts Reach Out to Environment

Ecotourism is the buzzword in the hospitality industry, and some hotels are tapping into what amounts to a new niche-market opportunity. >> Read the Full Article

Stem Cell Therapy Cannot Cure Our Toxic Legacy

(By Robert Ovetz, PhD) When it comes to fetal stem cell research, science fiction is inseparable from reality. In the science fiction film Gattaca, actor Ethan Hawke plays a man attempting to fake the identity of a paralyzed genetically altered superhuman he cares for in order to become an astronaut, a profession denied people of his genetic caste. New stem cell therapies that rely on fetal tissue promise miracle cure escapes. Those most likely to be able to afford these therapies will be restricted to a new wealthy disease free caste reminiscent of Gattaca. >> Read the Full Article

Whale Burger Goes on Sale in Japan Amid Growing Criticism over Its Research Whaling

A fast food chain in northern Japan began offering a whale burger on Thursday as anti-whaling nations urged Japan to cut back on its catch at an international conference on whaling. >> Read the Full Article