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Survey Raises Hope for India's Irrawaddy Dolphins

Hope is rising the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin can be saved in India after a survey showed more of the animals than before in a vast, brackish lagoon in the east of the country. >> Read the Full Article

Malaysia To Make Rainwater Collection Mandatory for Big Roofs

Malaysia plans to require many buildings throughout the country with large roofs to install gutters and tanks so that they can harvest rainwater, news reports said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Ten Years After Ban, U.S. Lawmakers Seek Final Solution to Hog Waste Lagoons

It has been a decade since North Carolina banned pork farmers from building new hog waste lagoons. In that time, environmentalists have tracked the ponds' damage to rivers and land, and neighbors have complained about their overpowering stench. >> Read the Full Article

San Francisco Lawmakers Vote To Ban Plastic Bags

San Francisco's city council voted Tuesday to become the first U.S. city to ban plastic bags from large supermarkets to help promote recycling. Under the legislation approved by the city's Board of Supervisors, large supermarkets and drugstores will not be allowed to offer plastic bags made from petroleum products starting in six months. >> Read the Full Article

Understanding and Evaluating Carbon Offset Programs

Carbon offsets are a way for anyone who drives a car, turns on a light or takes a plane to "offset" their carbon dioxide emissions by investing in a green project aimed at reducing the CO2 in the atmosphere. >> Read the Full Article

Mercury in Energy-Saving Bulbs Worries Scientists

There's an old joke about the number of people it takes to change a light bulb. But because the newer energy-efficient kinds contain tiny amounts of mercury, the hard part is getting rid of them when they burn out. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Praises Automakers for Developing Flex-Fuel Vehicles

President George W. Bush, seeking support for his energy plan, praised domestic automakers on Monday for building more "flexible fuel" vehicles capable of running on ethanol and biodiesel blends. >> Read the Full Article

Sea Lions Return to Oregon Dam for Salmon

They're back. Much to the dismay of federal officials and fishermen, California sea lions have returned to the Bonneville Dam to feast on spring chinook salmon as they swim up the Columbia River to spawn. >> Read the Full Article

Top EU Energy Official Talks Global Warming in Washington

The European Union's top energy official was in Washington to push European hopes for greater cooperation on global warming and joint EU-U.S. efforts for increasing energy efficiency and security of supplies. >> Read the Full Article

Bald Eagle Returns to Philadelphia after 200 Years

A pair of bald eagles, a species that has recovered from the brink of extinction in the last 40 years, has built a nest in a former Navy yard on the south side of Philadelphia, the sixth-largest U.S. city and where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written. >> Read the Full Article