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Great Divide: Can Development, Wildlife Coexist?

Environmental groups and some residents are advocating another option to the federal government's proposals for energy development in Wyoming's Red Desert. >> Read the Full Article

Methane Mining Churns up Murky Water Issue

Coal deposits were the economic wellspring for the development of Las Animas County. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: PBS's "Journey to Planet Earth"

PBS is continuing to air a number of programs about science and the environment this month, including "Journey to Planet Earth." >> Read the Full Article

Reef Fish Tune in to Noise when House Hunting

Silence is not golden for young fish who prefer to call home a reef situated in a noisy locale. Between shrimp clacking their claws, the grinding of teeth and other fishy sounds, reefs can be noisy places, and juvenile fish returning from the open ocean gravitate to the din, according to a study published in Friday's issue of the journal Science. >> Read the Full Article

Report Assails U.S. Border Commissioner in Charge of Water Issues

Management of a U.S. commission that oversees water issues along the Mexican border has been so deficient that the agency may not be able to meet its basic mission, according to a State Department report. >> Read the Full Article

Smithsonian Names New Threat to U.S. Rice

A type of maggot that devastated some late-planted rice fields in Louisiana and Texas last year is a bug new to the United States, the Smithsonian Institution has confirmed. >> Read the Full Article

Paraguay Rejects Plan to Protect Untouched Tribe

Paraguay's Congress rejected Thursday a proposal to protect the last Indian tribe in South America not in the Amazon region to have avoided contact with outsiders. Indian rights organizations warned that the nomadic Ayoreos are doomed to die or be run off their land by ranchers unless their territory is turned into a reserve. >> Read the Full Article

On the U.S. Chesapeake, Asian Oyster Stirs Debate

The oysters piled high in Rich Harding's boat are the best he's seen in years -- plump and healthy, with no signs of the diseases that have ravaged shellfish beds on the Chesapeake Bay. >> Read the Full Article

Two U.S. Senators Block EPA Chief Nomination

Two Democratic senators Thursday said they would block the nomination of Stephen Johnson to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency until the EPA cancels a program to test pesticide exposure of children in a Florida county. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil's Soldiers Learn to Love the Jungle

A sign saying "The tears begin here" greets the young Brazilian soldiers as they clamber down from trucks and begin a march along a track in the Amazon jungle. Weighed down by two heavy packs, two rifles and tramping along in sweltering heat, several stumble and fall on the way. >> Read the Full Article