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Indonesia Quake Caused Huge Coral Die-Off

A strong earthquake that struck Indonesia's Sumatra island two years ago caused one of the biggest coral die-offs ever documented, a study by scientists from two conservation groups found. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Automakers Challenge Vermont Emissions Law

A Vermont rule reducing greenhouse gas emissions is so strict that adhering to it would be a "financial disaster" for General Motors, an executive with the U.S. automaker testified in a lawsuit Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Panel Says U.S. Faces Change As Climate Warms

Chicago and Los Angeles will likely to face increasing heat waves. Severe storm surges could hit New York and Boston. And cities that rely on melting snow for water may run into serious shortages. >> Read the Full Article

World Bank Warns of Environment Cost of India Growth

India's robust economic growth will put unprecedented pressures on its land, water, air, soil and forestry resources, a World Bank report said on Tuesday. India's economy has grown more than 8 percent annually in the past two years, with manufacturing and services leading growth. >> Read the Full Article

ConocoPhillips Joins Climate Group, Supports Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ConocoPhillips has joined several other major corporations urging Congress to require limits on greenhouse gases tied to global warming, the first major U.S. oil company to take such a stance. >> Read the Full Article

Gore Pins Hopes on Live Earth Environment Concerts

The former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate is spearheading efforts to get the world of pop music to back his crusade to avert what he calls a "planetary emergency", and already has Madonna and the Red Hot Chili Peppers on board. >> Read the Full Article

Sushi Deal Rubs U.S. Animal Rights Groups Raw

A large U.S. seafood distributor is drawing pressure from anti-whaling activists after an agreement to distribute frozen sushi from Japan's Kyokuyo Co. Ltd. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Offers Renewable Fuel Standards for Vehicles

The United States announced new standards for renewable fuels for cars and trucks Tuesday, but stopped short of committing to regulate greenhouse gases that spur global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Study Shows New York City Puts Out Nearly One Percent of Greenhouse Gases in U.S.

New York City produces nearly 1 percent of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions -- an amount that puts it on par with Ireland and Portugal -- according to a city study. >> Read the Full Article

Rescue Plan for Tasmanian Devils Triggers Environmental Fears

Scientists are planning to move Tasmanian devils -- the Australian marsupial made famous as a snarling, whirlwind character in Warner Bros. cartoons -- to an island sanctuary to avert the animals' threatened extinction from a mysterious cancer. >> Read the Full Article