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Study to Examine Beach Erosion on Island

A federal study beginning this month will examine how much the Savannah River's bustling shipping channel contributes to beach erosion on Tybee Island. >> Read the Full Article

Norway, UK Try to Tackle Planes' Greenhouse Gases

Norway plans to join Britain in offsetting greenhouse gases caused by bureaucrats jetting around the world, announcing it will buy emissions quotas to combat global warming. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Lifts Ban on Caviar Exports from Caspian

The United Nations on Tuesday lifted a year-old embargo on exports of most types of caviar from the Caspian Sea, the main source of the delicacy, despite the fact that stocks are continuing to decline. >> Read the Full Article

Divers Seal Broken Oil Pipeline in Gulf of Mexico; Environmental Effects Minimal

Divers sealed a broken oil pipeline Sunday after about 44,500 gallons leaked into the Gulf of Mexico, the Coast Guard said. The weeklong spill about 30 miles south of Galveston was expected to have minimal effect on the environment. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Idaho Snail Losing Habitat

A decade ago, Bruneau hot springsnails were at the center of a national battle over federal laws designed to protect endangered species. Today, years after the lawsuits were decided and most of the rhetoric retired, they are closer to extinction than ever before. >> Read the Full Article

E. Coli Outbreaks Have Industry, Government Increasing Safety Efforts

In light of food poisoning outbreaks involving spinach and lettuce, the U.S. government and the produce industry are scrambling to make leafy greens safer before the spring planting season. >> Read the Full Article

Gene-Engineered Cows Resist Mad Cow Disease, Study Shows

U.S. and Japanese scientists reported Sunday that they had used genetic engineering to produce cattle that resist mad cow disease. >> Read the Full Article

Is the Yucca Dump Doomed?

While supporters vow to plow forward with plans for a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, Nev., critics hope Democrats will be able to kill the project -- which would take highly radioactive material transported through the Southland -- when they take control of Congress this month. >> Read the Full Article

Australian Aborigines Win East Coast Land Claim

Aborigines won a 10-year fight for control of World Heritage-listed rainforests in the centre of Australia's wealthy east coast on Tuesday, sealing one of the country's biggest native land deals. >> Read the Full Article

Study Shows Louisiana Slowly Slipping Into Gulf

A new report by scientists studying Louisiana's sinking coast says the land here is not just sinking, it's sliding ever so slowly into the Gulf of Mexico. The new findings may add a kink to plans being drawn up to build bigger and better levees to protect this historic city and Cajun bayou culture. >> Read the Full Article