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GM Rolls Out World's First Fuel-Cell Truck

General Motors Corp. rolled out the world's first drivable fuel cell truck Friday and handed over the keys to an exacting patron: the Army. >> Read the Full Article

Scientist Sees 'Collision Course' with Agricultural Manure Issue

Great Lakes research was the dominant theme of the Ohio Academy of Science's 114th annual meeting at Bowling Green State University yesterday, generating a familiar A-to-Z discussion of issues ranging from algae to zebra mussels. >> Read the Full Article

'Harry Potter' Publisher Pledges U.K. Print Run on Recycled Paper

J.K. Rowling's publisher Bloomsbury announced that the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be printed on 30% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper. >> Read the Full Article

Near-Record Number of Births this Year for Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales

A baby boom has given a lift to the endangered North Atlantic right whale, with a near-record number of births in the just-ended calving season, according to researchers at the New England Aquarium. >> Read the Full Article

India Sacks Officials after Tigers Go Missing

Authorities in India's desert state of Rajasthan have suspended eight forest officials after more than two dozen tigers vanished from a wildlife sanctuary in less than 2 years, a state minister said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Oil Platforms May Be Used for Fish Farms

Thousands of oil and natural gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico could be converted into deep-sea fish farms raising red snapper, mahi mahi, yellow fin tuna and flounder, under a plan backed by the Bush administration. >> Read the Full Article

E-mails Appear to Show Yucca Mountain Scientists Planning to Make up Data

E-mails by several government scientists on the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump project suggest workers were planning to fabricate records and manipulate results to ensure outcomes that would help the project move forward. >> Read the Full Article

The Color of Water -- An ENN Commentary

Our country is polarized over very basic issues: taxes; the size and role of government; religion and secular priorities. Yet at a time when many things are increasingly viewed... >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Survivors Grow Saplings to Remember the Dead and Protect from Waves

As day breaks Sunday near the southern Indian coast, Idambai Duraiswamy carries a pot of water to an enclosure of saplings near the sea and pours it over a budding coconut plant that stands as a memorial to her 4-year-old daughter killed by the tsunami. >> Read the Full Article

China's Giant Pandas Get Broadband

Calling all tech-savvy pandas -- China's biggest nature reserve in the foggy mountains of southwest Sichuan province is now wired for broadband. >> Read the Full Article