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At Least 55 Whales Die in New Zealand Mass Stranding, Officials Say

Rescuers were working feverishly Tuesday to float two whales stranded for two days on a North Island beach, where 55 pilot whales carcasses litter the sand, conservation officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Coral Thrives on Sunken WWII Ships in Gulf

A University of Alabama scientist and other researchers have found coral growing at extreme depths in the Gulf of Mexico -- on several ships sunk during World War II by Nazi submarines. >> Read the Full Article

Builders Turn More Towards Environmentally-Friendly Products as Costs Fall

Construction companies, Bob Vila-types and architecture firms for years shied away from environmentally friendly products, citing high costs as a deterrent. >> Read the Full Article

Oil-Eating Bacteria May Prove to be a Solution to U.S. Energy Needs

Hungry bacteria soon could breathe new life into some of Oklahoma's oldest oil fields if University of Oklahoma researcher Joseph Suflita's work proves successful. >> Read the Full Article

Florida Utility to Offer Solar-Power Option for Extra Fee

Florida Power & Light plans to build a small solar energy facility in South Florida next year as part of a program that encourages electricity customers to pay an extra fee to support clean power. >> Read the Full Article

Ohio Firm Hopes to Produce Electricity from Landfills

A hangar at the Huron County Airport will soon be home to an Ohio company that hopes to turn landfill gas into electricity all over the country. >> Read the Full Article

Washington State Panel Seek Solution to Electronic Waste Disposal Issue

Tons of potentially hazardous waste is piling up in household storage areas, closets, spare rooms and garages throughout the state. >> Read the Full Article

Pennsylvania-Based Armstrong World Industries Reaches Recycling Milestone

The ceiling-tile recycling program of Armstrong World Industries now has reclaimed 20 million square feet of old tiles, the company said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Water Report: New Yuck!

While New York harbor and the big rivers are getting cleaner, many smaller local waterways are being used as virtual dumping grounds, a City Council report charged yesterday. >> Read the Full Article

Green Gifts, on 'Beyond Organic'

Betsy Taylor, President of the Center for a New American Dream, says it best: "We all know the bad news. But what do each of us know about how personal consumer choices can contribute to the problem -- or the solution? >> Read the Full Article