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New Virus May Have Come from Monkeys, Experts Say

Two new retroviruses never before seen in humans have turned up among people who regularly hunt monkeys in Cameroon, researchers reported Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Lawmakers Team with Environmentalists To Push Wind, Solar Energy

Texas lawmakers are joining clean-energy advocates in an effort to dramatically expand the use of wind and solar power and other renewable energy sources across the state. >> Read the Full Article

<i>On Beyond Organic</i>: Fighting Food Allergies

For the 11 million Americans who suffer from food allergies, eating can be a hazardous endeavor. Every year more than 10,000 food allergy sufferers require a trip to the hospital for life-saving treatment. >> Read the Full Article

Vanishing Islands -- An ENN Commentary

In a few weeks millions of viewers will be tuning in to Survivor-Palau to see which of 18 castaways will be the last to be voted off one of Palau's beautiful Rock Islands. Yet a far more consequential contest of survival is taking place in Palau and all of the world's 100,000 plus islands. Will these islands themselves be voted off the planet? >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Awards Disputed Area to Slain Nun's Project

The government on Friday awarded a disputed patch of Amazon rainforest to a sustainable development project championed by the slain American nun Dorothy Stang. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Close to Emissions Deal with Car Makers

Canada said Friday it was close to signing a voluntary pact with major automobile makers to cut emissions and made it clear it was rejecting calls to impose binding limits. >> Read the Full Article

EU Must Compromise on Nuke Issues, Says Iran Official

The European Union must be prepared to reach a compromise with Tehran that will keep Iran's nuclear enrichment programme in place, a senior Iranian official says. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Study Drop in Blue King Crab Populations

A groundbreaking experiment to learn more about blue king crab larvae has produced surprising results for research fishery biologist Brad Stevens and his team. >> Read the Full Article

EU Defuses Row with US over Wood Packaging Insects

EU agriculture ministers agreed on Monday to delay new wood packaging rules aimed at keeping out tree-eating insects that the United States has complained would disrupt $80 billion worth of its exports, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Jury Deliberates Case of Alleged Clean Water Act Violation

A federal jury begins deliberations today in the case against a Vancleave developer, his daughter and an engineer accused of violating the Clean Water Act. >> Read the Full Article