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Groups Join, Seek Action on Global Warming

More than a dozen conservation and public health advocacy groups joined on Tuesday to throw their collective support behind further legislative action to prevent global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Montenegro's Parliament Mulls Government Plans to Flood Europe's Deepest Canyon

Montenegro's parliament opened a debate Tuesday on a contentious government plan to build a huge dam that would flood the Tara Canyon, a popular tourist destination that is part of a UNESCO world heritage site. >> Read the Full Article

Species-Threatening Snails Found in Colorado

Tough and tiny snails that threaten to crowd out native species by hogging all the food have shown up in a Colorado creek for the first time, state wildlife biologists said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Good News Shows We Can Change

Sometimes, just when you start feeling that everything is hopeless, something will happen to reaffirm your faith in humanity and our ability to get out of tight spots. Last week was just one of those times. >> Read the Full Article

Arctic States Agree Vague Plan to Slow Thaw

Eight Arctic countries agreed a vague plan to counter a rapid melt of the region on Wednesday with indigenous peoples accusing the United States of blocking stronger action aimed at slowing global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Catalina Foxes Back After Near Extinction

A unique subspecies of fox that is about the size of a house cat is back from the brink of extinction on Santa Catalina Island and can survive on its own thanks to a captive breeding program, the head of a nonprofit group that manages most of the island said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Half of Brazil's Amazon Jungle Occupied, According to Study

About half of Brazil's original Amazon rainforest has been occupied by man, deforested or used for industry like logging and its destruction is worse than government data shows, a leading environmental group said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Other Nations Resist U.S. Delay in Phasing out Ozone-Damaging Chemical

U.S. farmers who grow tomatoes and strawberries might have to cut back more than they planned on the use of an ozone-depleting pesticide. >> Read the Full Article

Wood County, W.Va., Judge Gives DuPont Deal Preliminary Approval

A circuit judge on Tuesday gave preliminary approval to a more than $100 million settlement of a lawsuit that alleged DuPont poisoned drinking water supplies here with the toxic chemical C8. >> Read the Full Article

Firms in San Joaquin County, Calif., Honored for Efforts to Reduce Solid Waste

State officials honored five companies doing business in San Joaquin County for outstanding efforts to reduce solid wastes. >> Read the Full Article