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Biologists Hunt Invasive Pythons in Florida

Critters that pythons find most delectable -- raccoons, possums, muskrats and native cotton rats -- are already under attack, as are birds such as the house wren, pied-billed grebe, white ibis and limpkin. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Melts Kilimanjaro's Snows

Rivers of ice at the Equator -- foretold in the 2nd century, found in the 19th -- are now melting away in this new century, returning to the realm of lore and fading photographs. >> Read the Full Article

Herzog in Antarctica: An Easy Place to Make a Film

Werner Herzog, who has made movies about grizzly bears in Alaska and a downed fighter pilot in Laos, just finished filming in Antarctica and one thing he wants to make clear: it was easy. >> Read the Full Article

Pacific Fisheries Group Maintains Tuna Quotas

An international group managing tuna stocks in the western and central Pacific Ocean has ruled that quotas for bigeye tuna catches in 2007 and 2008 should be maintained, Japanese media reported on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Off-Roaders, Environmentalists Vie for Surprising Canyon Near Death Valley

The fight over Surprise Canyon boils down to whether the rights of private property owners trump the protection of a fragile oasis on public land. The off-roaders have dusted off a Civil War-era mining law that places the public access rights of local governments and private individuals above the rights of the federal government. >> Read the Full Article

EU Trade Chief Says Europe Can Green Globe by Pushing Trade Partners

Europe can green the globe by pushing trade partners to eliminate tariffs on clean and renewable power technology, EU trade chief Peter Mandelson said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Urge Fish Consumption Advisory

The nation's largest gold-producing state is being asked to investigate whether mercury emissions from its mines are contaminating area fisheries. >> Read the Full Article

2006 Sees Record Number of Wildfires

The nation set a record for wildfires this year and climate experts say 2006 will probably end as the third warmest year on record for the contiguous United States. >> Read the Full Article

Asian Boom Undercuts Pollution Cleanup

Asia's economic boom has caused a surge in car and motorcycle sales, undercutting efforts to promote public transport in the region and clean up its dirty skies, delegates told a pollution conference Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientist Says New Data Backs Sulphur Climate Plan

Nobel Prize laureate Paul Crutzen says he has new data supporting his controversial theory that injecting the common pollutant sulphur into the atmosphere would cancel out the greenhouse effect. >> Read the Full Article