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EU Environment Ministers Try to Agree to 20 Percent Cut in CO2 by 2020

EU environment ministers will Tuesday try to agree they should cut greenhouse gas emissions at least 20 percent by 2020, paving the way for Europe to seek deeper reductions from other industrialized nations. >> Read the Full Article

Indonesia to Welcome Endangered Rhino

The first Sumatran rhino born in captivity in more than 100 years is headed to Indonesia on Tuesday with a single task -- to breed and help save the endangered species from extinction. >> Read the Full Article

Are Personal Care Products in Need of a Makeover?

In our looks-fixated, aging-averse society, we hold our personal care products in great esteem. However, now the emphasis on skin vigor is becoming tempered with worry over endocrine health as ingredients in these products are shown to be hormonally active. >> Read the Full Article

Court Says Permit Violates Owl Protection

A federal appeals court ruled Friday that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service violated the Endangered Species Act when it approved a 22,000-acre logging project that affects northern spotted owl habitat in southern Oregon. >> Read the Full Article

Montana Farmers Blaming Irrigation Problems on Water Discharged from Methane Drilling

When the soil in Roger Muggli's fields turned bad last year, damaging more than 300 acres of alfalfa, the third-generation farmer quickly named a culprit: coal-bed methane drilling along the nearby Tongue River. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Turns Down Greenpeace Help on Whaling Ship

Japan has turned down an offer from Greenpeace to tow a whaling ship that caught fire off the Antarctic coast, recalling that activists of the conservation group had boarded the same vessel almost a decade ago. >> Read the Full Article

Europe Can Do More on Climate Change, UNEP Head Says

European nations are not doing enough to fight climate change and should show more leadership before they criticise the United States and Asia, the head of the U.N. Environment Programme (UNEP) said on Saturday. >> Read the Full Article

Overfishing Imperils Fish in Deep Waters

With declining catches close to shore, commercial fishing is turning to deeper waters, threatening species that live in the cold and gloom of the deep oceans, according to researchers. >> Read the Full Article

Genetics Reveal 15 New North American Bird Species

Genetic tests of North American birds show what may be 15 new species including ravens and owls -- look alikes that do not interbreed and have wrongly had the same name for centuries, scientists said on Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Tire Reef Off Florida Proves a Disaster

A mile offshore from this city's high-rise condos and spring-break bars lie as many as 2 million old tires, strewn across the ocean floor -- a white-walled, steel-belted monument to good intentions gone awry. >> Read the Full Article