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New Leopard Species Found in Borneo

he clouded leopard of Borneo -- discovered to be an entirely new species -- is the latest in a growing list of animals and plants unique to the Southeast Asian country's rainforest and underscores the need to preserve the area, conservationists said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Battle To Save Tasmanian Devil from Extinction

The Tasmanian Devil, a rare carnivorous marsupial found only on Australia's southern island state of Tasmania, faces extinction in 10 to 20 years without a cure for the facial cancer now decimating the population. >> Read the Full Article

Activists Promise No-Holds-Barred Fight over Brazil River Project

Activists on Wednesday vowed to fight to stop a huge river-diversion project meant to benefit millions by irrigating large sections of Brazil's arid northeast. The project will create a new channel for the 1,600-mile (2,700 kilometer) Sao Francisco River, Brazil's fourth-largest, to irrigate the arid Sertao region. >> Read the Full Article

Kentucky, Land of the Thoroughbred, Is Swamped with Unwanted Horses

Kentucky, the horse capital of the world, is being overrun with thousands of horses no one wants -- some of them perfectly healthy, but many of them starving, broken-down nags. Other parts of the United States are overwhelmed, too. >> Read the Full Article

Cool Robot, New Icebreaker To Gather Polar Data

The Cool Robot is square, squat and slow, but its utilitarian beauty is clear to polar researchers who want a sturdy non-human helper to carry instruments over vast stretches of the Arctic and Antarctic. >> Read the Full Article

Auto Industry Leaders Discuss Climate Change with Congress

U.S. automakers and a top union official pledged Wednesday to work with Congress to find new ways of dealing with global warming but declared their industry could not bear the burden alone. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Researchers Trying To Find New Uses for Cow Manure

Researchers at Michigan State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture say fiber from processed and sterilized cow manure could take the place of sawdust in fiberboard, which is used to make everything from furniture to flooring to store shelves. >> Read the Full Article

Survey Finds Widespread Agreement Across Globe That Climate Change Is a Pressing Problem

A survey on climate change conducted in more than a dozen countries found that a majority of people in nations including South Korea, Australia, Iran and Mexico -- but not the United States -- view global warming as a critical threat. >> Read the Full Article

Smoke Thickens in Choking Thai North

The smoke haze choking northern Thailand thickened on Wednesday as officials urged people to water the land and streets in hopes of getting enough humidity into the air to provoke rain. >> Read the Full Article

Arctic Impact on Global Warming Lures Scientists

A polar bear swimming amid melting Arctic sea ice may be one image of global warming's impact. But it could just as well be a California wildfire, a European heat wave or a Caribbean hurricane. >> Read the Full Article