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Scientists Find Growing Land Bulge in Oregon

A large, slow-growing volcanic bulge in Eastern Oregon is attracting the attention of seismologists who say that the rising ground could be the beginnings of a volcano or simply magma shifting underground. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Begins Offshore Research Hunt for 60 Whales off Northern Island of Hokkaido

Japanese whaling ships returned to port Friday with the first three of 60 whales they plan to catch along the nation's northern coast as they began the season's research program that opponents criticize as commercial whaling. >> Read the Full Article

European Farmers Need To Look at Ways of Cutting Greenhouse Gases, Minister Says

European farmers need to look at ways of reducing their contribution to greenhouse gases, Britain's agriculture and environment minister said Sunday after meeting with her counterparts from across Europe. >> Read the Full Article

Biloxi Harbor Eases Back into Business; Fishing Boats Return to Bay

The harbor showed signs of life Saturday as the Coast Guard allowed limited commercial traffic for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. >> Read the Full Article

Countries to Agree to Save Ape Habitats

Nearly two dozen countries were to commit themselves Friday to saving primate habitats and stopping poaching in a historic push to protect the world's dwindling great ape populations. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico Beats Deadline for Eliminating Ozone-Depleting Chemicals

Mexico has stopped producing ozone-depleting chemicals four years before a deadline set by an international agreement, Mexican Environment Secretary Jose Luis Luege Tamargo announced Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Captive Breeding Seen as Lifeline for Amphibians

Amphibian experts are likely to urge captive breeding to slow a catastrophic rate of extinctions threatening a third of all species of frogs and salamanders, a leading scientist said. >> Read the Full Article

California Farmers Want Classification for 'Sustainable' Produce

Shoppers who are attracted to organic fruit and vegetables but put off by their often steep prices may soon have a less expensive alternative in sustainable produce. >> Read the Full Article

Forest Service Proposal Would Speed Up Grasslands Oil Drilling

The U.S. Forest Service will propose regulations to shorten the environmental reviews of small oil-drilling projects in national grasslands, an Agriculture Department official said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

World Seen Winning Battle of Water Scarcity

The world is gradually winning its battle to overcome drinking water shortages through better resource management, an international conference on rivers held in Australia last week heard. >> Read the Full Article