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U.S. is Reducing Greenhouse Gases without Kyoto, White House Adviser Says

The United States is making progress toward lowering greenhouse gas emissions and curbing global warming, despite not signing the Kyoto accord, a senior White House adviser on the environment told an environment conference Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Appeals Court Reinstates Corps of Engineers Permits for Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining

A federal appeals court Wednesday reinstated a streamlined Army Corps of Engineers process for granting permits for mountaintop-removal coal mining in West Virginia. >> Read the Full Article

Ministers Gather in Sweden for Baltic Sea Environment Meeting

Officials from the Baltic Sea countries gathered in Stockholm on Wednesday to discuss plans to fight marine pollution. The Baltic Sea has suffered from heavy pollution and toxic algae because of growing ship traffic and more oil transports, as well as fertilizers and other chemicals from the agricultural sector. >> Read the Full Article

Search for Rare Arkansas Woodpecker Resumes

Scientists and birders will resume their search this winter for the elusive ivory-billed woodpecker to prove, once and for all, that the bird really lives in the vast eastern Arkansas wetlands. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Fight Forest Plan Change

Environmental and government lawyers argued in federal court Tuesday about whether a recent change to the Northwest Forest Plan -- one that eased logging restrictions -- was properly arrived at and would provide adequate protections for trout and salmon. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Pressing for Measures To Protect Basking Shark, Henderson Petrel

Britain said Wednesday it is pressing other governments to agree measures to ensure the survival of the rare basking shark and the rarely seen Henderson petrel. >> Read the Full Article

In Arctic, Evidence for Global Warming Mounts

Life is harsh on the freezing tundra of the Arctic Circle where Anna Prakhova lives. But it can be much harder when snows do not fall. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Says Sonar Threatens Dolphin, Whale Survival

Increased naval military manoeuvres and submarine sonars in the world's oceans are threatening dolphins, whales and porpoises that depend on sound to survive, a United Nations report said on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Idaho's Wild Turkey Population Thriving

Wild turkeys have something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: There are more of them around than ever before. Eighty years ago, wild turkeys were losing ground to habitat loss and hunting, and only about 30,000 remained. >> Read the Full Article

Farmers, Conservationists Embrace No-Till Crops in Wake of High Fuel Prices

High fuel prices aren't keeping farmers from tilling fields this fall, but more producers are abandoning plows and V-rippers. >> Read the Full Article