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Meat Wall

(By Steven J. Moss) You walk into a restaurant, the waiter escorts you to a wall of artificial meat and asks you to pick which square you want for dinner. Or maybe you grow your own meat at home, choosing from different flavor tablets to create sheets that taste like chicken, beef, or pork, ready to slide into your toaster oven for a quick meal. It may sound far-fetched, but scientists are actively working to find ways to easily produce fake meat. And with China’s demand for meat expected to double every decade, there will almost certainly be market for such a product. >> Read the Full Article

Cranes Resume Migration After Windy Delay

After being grounded for five days by winds and rain at the Hiwassee State Wildlife Refuge, a flock of endangered whooping cranes resumed its migration from Wisconsin to Florida on Wednesday morning. >> Read the Full Article

Group Says Lake Erie Gets Sewage Overflows

At least 8.9 billion gallons of untreated sewage flows yearly into Lake Erie and the rivers that feed it during storms that overwhelm sewer systems -- the same as if 2.5 billion toilets flushed simultaneously into the lake, an environmental group reported Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Activists to Canada: Warming Threatens Hockey

Activists at the U.N. climate change conference in Montreal shot straight for the Canadian heart Thursday by warning of the unthinkable -- the end of ice hockey due to global warming. >> Read the Full Article

In Booming Gulf, a Lack of Water Has Cities Eyeing Their Sewage

As swimming pool suburbia spreads across the desert sands of the booming Gulf, developers and governments are wrangling with a major problem: There is almost no fresh water here. >> Read the Full Article

Study Cites Risks of Eating Farmed Salmon

Before rushing to make salmon a staple of a heart-healthy diet, consumers should check the origin of their fish It turns out where the salmon comes from -- and what they are fed -- determine whether the health risks will outweigh the benefits, according to the study recently published in the Journal of Nutrition. >> Read the Full Article

Run Your Car on Cow Fuel, Canadian Company Says

A Canadian company has an idea for motorists worried about global warming -- put a cow in your tank. A C$14 million ($12 million) factory near Montreal started producing "biodiesel" fuel two weeks ago from the bones, innards and other parts of farm animals such as cattle, pigs or chickens that Canadians do not eat. >> Read the Full Article

Southeast Asian Countries Launch Law Enforcement Network To Fight Wildlife Smuggling

Southeast Asian countries on Thursday launched what they said is the world's largest wildlife law enforcement network, aiming to fight cross-border trade in endangered species. >> Read the Full Article

Forests Urged as New Front in Global Warming Fight

Forest preservation should be the new front in the fight against global warming with Third World nations earning cash for protecting trees, tropical countries told a U.N. climate conference Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: November 28th - December 2nd

ENN summarizes the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news November 28th - December 2nd: Europe's climate change challenge, a two-headed turtle bodes ill, Asia fights animal smuggling, fish wrongly snared, and much more. >> Read the Full Article