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Sea Turtles Returned to Gulf of Mexico

Nearly 90 sea turtles rescued after a cold snap left them comatose have been returned to the Gulf of Mexico. Jeff George, curator at Sea Turtle Inc., a nonprofit turtle rescue group on South Padre Island, said 42 of the endangered juvenile green turtles were released Tuesday and 46 on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Milk Thirst Threatens Rare Desert Oasis in Mexico

Mexican dairy farming is endangering an ancient oasis in the Great Chihuahuan Desert that scientists say can help them understand earth's beginnings, global warming and the chances of life on Mars. >> Read the Full Article

Hearing to Probe Climate Change and Inuit Rights

The Inuit of Arctic Canada and Alaska are bearing the brunt of global warming and their way of life is in peril, an international human rights body will be told next month. >> Read the Full Article

Ikea to Charge U.S. Customers for Plastic Bags

Sweden's IKEA will charge U.S. customers five cents for disposable plastic shopping bags in what the international furniture giant said Wednesday was a first step to ending their use altogether. >> Read the Full Article

Experts Say Warming May Harm Tuscan Wines

Imagine a world where Scandinavia produces wines to rival Italy's fabled Chianti region. It could come to just that by the end of the century, experts in Italy warn, if global warming continues unchecked. >> Read the Full Article

Trash Old Medications with Cat Litter or Coffee Grounds, Government Says

Here's a safety tip from your government: Trash those unwanted prescription drugs with kitty litter or coffee grounds to keep them from falling into the wrong hands -- and mouths. >> Read the Full Article

Green Limo Line at Oscars Gets Longer and Sexier

From a plug-in hybrid car to the sexy electric Tesla Roadster, celebrities wanting to make a green statement on the way to the red carpet of the Oscars will have plenty of environment-friendly rides this Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Loon Deaths in New Hampshire Faze Scientists

Scientists are struggling to explain the rare death of 17 loons in New Hampshire, saying warm weather may have confused the threatened species of bird which typically heads to the ocean for winter. >> Read the Full Article

Israeli Chief Rabbi Issues Fur Edict

Jews must not wear fur skinned from live animals, Israel's chief rabbi said in a religious ruling on Tuesday. Animal rights campaigners in Israel and abroad say that animals are skinned alive at fur farms in China. >> Read the Full Article

New Indonesian Tactic May Not Halt Mud Flow, Scientist Says

Indonesian plans to plug a mud volcano that has displaced more than 10,000 people by dropping clusters of concrete balls into it is unlikely to stop the flow, a Japanese scientist said on Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article