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American Humane Association's Animal Rescue Rig Deploys Today

The American Humane Association announced this morning that it will deploy its Animal Emergency Services rescue rig to join its fleet of vehicles and volunteer responders already staged in Mississippi, ready to respond to the needs of Hurricane Katrina's animal victims. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Checkout Bag Fee Proposal

In our EarthNews Radio feature Tuesday, we asked if paper or plastic was preferable as a choice for use in making pallets, and the answer was surprising. Today we ask the same question in the context you're used to hearing it: at the supermarket. >> Read the Full Article

Idaho Stargazers Fret Over Light Pollution

Last weekend, the Idaho Falls Astronomical Society set up telescopes outside the Museum of Idaho to introduce people to stargazing. But then they saw the light. All but the brightest stars and planets were blotted out by reflection of the city's downtown lights in the night sky. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Decipher the Chimpanzee's DNA

Scientists have deciphered the DNA of the chimpanzee, the closest living relative of humankind, and made comprehensive comparisons with the human genetic blueprint. It's a step toward finding a biological answer to a key question: What makes us human? >> Read the Full Article

Italian Minister Defends Keeping Wolves as Pets

An Italian minister who revealed he is keeping wolves as pets told authorities on Wednesday to feel free to come and investigate as he always needed "fresh meat". >> Read the Full Article

Bush Releases Oil from Petroleum Stockpile, Urges Nation To Brace for Higher Prices, Shortages

President Bush raised the possibility Wednesday that Hurricane Katrina will lead to even higher gasoline prices and shortages in some areas, even as his administration moved to release oil from an emergency government stockpile and to temporarily ease pollution standards on gasoline and diesel fuel. >> Read the Full Article

Back-To-Greener-Schools -- A Guest Commentary

New York has just become the first state to require that all schools use safer, non-toxic cleaning products. In the recent past, more than 50% of all public schools in the U.S. were cited for poor indoor air quality, and things are getting worse, according to government reports. >> Read the Full Article

Experts See Alaska as U.S. Front against Bird Flu

Bird experts working in some of the most remote areas of Alaska have begun checking migrating birds for avian influenza to see if they are spreading the feared virus out of Asia. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Oregon Wild Fish Risk Extinction

The first status report on wild fish in a decade suggests that nearly half the native species in Oregon are at risk of extinction. Eleven of the 33 salmon and steelhead populations are at risk of irreversible decline, and seven are potentially at risk, according to a draft of the report. >> Read the Full Article

AOL Co-Founder Steve Case Purchases Majority Stake in Flexcar

Steve Case, the co-founder of America Online Inc., said Wednesday that his investment firm has purchased a majority stake in Flexcar and plans to embark on a major expansion for the car-sharing business. >> Read the Full Article