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Humane Society Sues Government over Poultry Slaughter

Chickens and turkeys should be covered by the same law as cows, pigs and other animals when they are slaughtered, the Humane Society of the United States said in a lawsuit filed Monday against the Agriculture Department. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales

Increasing levels of ocean noise generated by military sonar, shipping, and oil and gas exploration are threatening dolphins and whales that rely on sound for mating, finding food and avoiding predators, according to a new report. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Waste Transport Bound for Disputed Storage Site Crosses German Border

A shipment of nuclear waste bound for a disputed storage site in the north of the country crossed Sunday into Germany, where thousands of police were guarding its route from anti-nuclear demonstrators. >> Read the Full Article

UMass Training Students to Care for Alpacas

With mops of shaggy hair flopping in front of bulging, alien-like eyes that stare with a mix of curiosity and cluelessness, the latest newcomers to the University of Massachusetts seem like they'd be more at home in the make believe world of Dr. Seuss. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Agency Says Debris in Pakistan's Quake Zone Could Pose Serious Health Risks

Debris and waste left uncleared since last month's massive earthquake in Pakistan could become toxic and pose serious health dangers, a U.N. agency warned Sunday. >> Read the Full Article

Mexico Sees Bigger Butterfly Migration This Year

Wildlife officials say good weather should bring a surge in the number of monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico this year, after last year's cold resulted in the lowest numbers in more than a decade. >> Read the Full Article

New Wave of Hybrids Offer More Mean, Less Green

When automakers rolled out the first hybrid cars, drivers who wanted their spectacular fuel economy had to settle for weird shapes and a lack of luxury options. >> Read the Full Article

Surge in U.S. Sea Lion Numbers Angers Fishermen

Many fishermen in the U.S. Northwest are unhappy about a surge in sea lion numbers over the past 25 years. The animals are eating fish, including endangered Pacific salmon, and depleting catches. >> Read the Full Article

Smoggy Manila Speeds Compliance with Clean Air Law

The Philippines was stepping up emission enforcement measures to comply with its clean air law, officials said on Friday, concerned over the choking levels of air pollution in Manila and three other major cities. >> Read the Full Article

Bangladesh's Rivers are Both Curse and Lifeline

At the end of the monsoon season, the river that brings misery to thousands of Bangladeshis almost every year looks more like a big canal, with people and cattle walking across through knee-deep water. >> Read the Full Article