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Scientists Capture Giant Squid on Camera

Japanese scientists have taken the first photographs of one of the most mysterious creatures in the deep ocean -- the giant squid. >> Read the Full Article

European Commission Includes Airlines in Pollution-Cutting Emissions Trading Plan

The European Commission approved plans on Tuesday to include airlines in the EU's emissions trading program aimed at cutting carbon dioxide. >> Read the Full Article

Los Angeles Study Finds Higher Pollution Death Risk

The risk of dying from air pollution in parts of traffic-clogged Los Angeles appears sharply higher than previously believed, according to a study comparing the risks of living in affluent, beachfront neighborhoods to the hazy and fast-growing inland area. >> Read the Full Article

Penguins Find Peace in Falklands War Minefields

There's a mating ritual going on in the minefield. Fortunately the would-be lovers are penguins, too light to detonate the deadly mines laid more than two decades ago during a war on the far-flung Falkland Islands. >> Read the Full Article

Cocaine Is Killing Colombian Nature Parks

Cocaine is killing the great nature parks of Colombia. Government spraying of coca plant killer is driving growers and traffickers out of their usual territory into national parks where spraying is banned. Here they are burning thousands of acres of virgin rain forest and poisoning rivers with chemicals. >> Read the Full Article

Former Prime Minister Proposes Australia as World's Nuclear Dump

A former Australian prime minister has proposed that the country offer to store the world's nuclear waste in its vast desert interior and use the money earned on environment and social welfare programmes. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Presents Autumn 'Sky Tour' Podcast

For the second time this year, ENN is bringing you a very special presentation: Sky Tour, a personal tour of the night sky, hosted by ENN publisher Jerry Kay and featuring Bing Quock of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences as your tour guide. >> Read the Full Article

Illinois Hospital Goes 'Green'

Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois is being designed with environmentally friendly features that include large expanses of glass for natural light, water-retentive plantings on the roof and a "rainwater garden" to recycle water. >> Read the Full Article

Rita Decimates the Louisiana Cattle Industry

Hurricane Rita battered the heart of Louisiana beef cattle country, apparently drowning thousands of head, dispersing others 10 to 15 miles inland and leaving surviving animals with dangerously brackish water and no forage, state officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Climate Change Now

A new international cross-sector coalition is launching a European education program offering consumers immediate and lifelong solutions to tackling climate change. >> Read the Full Article