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Genetic Change Makes Mice Thinner

In a discovery with implications for fighting obesity in humans, Canadian scientists have discovered a molecular switch in specially bred laboratory mice that makes the animals skinnier than their normal brethren. >> Read the Full Article

Water Vapor May Be Biggest Contributor to Higher Global Temperatures, Researcher Says

An unexpected greenhouse gas -- water vapor -- may be the biggest factor contributing to higher global air temperatures, a Swiss researcher said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

New York State To Cut Greenhouse Gases from Cars

Cars sold or registered in New York state must cut carbon dioxide emissions beginning in 2009, state officials said Wednesday, in Republican Gov. George Pataki's latest break with the Bush Administration over steps to cut greenhouse gases. >> Read the Full Article

Science Panel Says Corps of Engineers, Louisiana Lack Overall Plan for Restoring Wetlands

The Army Corps of Engineers and state of Louisiana lack an overall plan for restoring coastal wetlands, a National Academy of Sciences panel said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Threats Alleged in Ecuador Environmental Lawsuit against Chevron

Threats have been made against the Ecuadorean leaders of an environmental lawsuit against Chevron Corp., and an international human rights commission should step in to help, says a petition filed Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Price of Plastic Skyrockets in Hurricane Katrina's Wake

Decades ago before the invention of plastic, Italian pasta makers wrapped their hand-stuffed ravioli in paper tied with a coarse string. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Criticize Route of Planned Siberia-Pacific Pipeline in New Report

Environmentalists slammed the proposed route for an oil pipeline from Siberia to Russia's Pacific in a report released Tuesday, arguing that it could send 4,000 tons of crude spilling into the world's largest freshwater body in just 20 minutes if ruptured. >> Read the Full Article

Audubon Society Chapters Sue over Spotted Owl Protection

The northern spotted owl was listed as an endangered species in 1990 because of logging in the Northwest, but federal officials have yet to come up with a plan to protect it, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Expect Sparks, No Flames, at U.S. Senate Oil Hearing

Wednesday's Senate grilling of top U.S. oil industry executives is likely to be heavy on political theater but light on energy policy initiatives, analysts said. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. States Say Power Bills Won't Soar on CO2 Plan

Businesses who oppose a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions in nine Northeastern U.S. states have overestimated how much the plan will raise electric bills, according to a study released by the states Monday. >> Read the Full Article