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Invasive Mosquito Species Found in Midwest

A species of mosquito common in the eastern U.S. and capable of carrying the West Nile virus has made its way to the Midwest for the first time, a finding made by a college undergraduate, Washington University officials said Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Feds Cut Back Habitat for Snowy Plover

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Monday announced that West Coast beach-front critical habitat for the threatened western snowy plover will be cut back by nearly 40 percent, continuing a Bush administration policy of reducing habitat protections for threatened and endangered species to reduce economic losses. >> Read the Full Article

Cattle Feared Dead Along Flooded Louisiana Coast

The Army used Blackhawk helicopters to search for thousands of cattle feared stranded in high water Monday amid reports that more than 4,000 may have been killed in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. >> Read the Full Article

Decision to Remove Causeway Sparks Debate

A Douglas administration decision to remove the Missisquoi Bay causeway over Lake Champlain has sparked a debate over how that will affect habitat for the spiny soft shell turtle. >> Read the Full Article

No One Can Say If Warming Caused Katrina, Rita

Scientists say it's not easy to tell if global warming caused hurricanes Katrina and Rita but Monday they forecast more unpredictable weather as Earth gets hotter. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Conduct Wind Energy Projects

In an effort to make the country less dependent on foreign oil, experimental wind energy projects are underway at opposite ends of Georgia. >> Read the Full Article

Mississippi Fears Post-Katrina Rebuilding Could Ruin the Variety of the Coastline

A month after Hurricane Katrina smashed fishermen's shacks, casinos and historic mansions alike, civic leaders in Mississippi are turning their attention to rebuilding, and are wondering this: Will the coast be restored in all its variety? Or will it give way to strip malls and walls of high-rise condos? >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i> Radio: Natural Pet Care

Nearly 40 percent of US families house at least one dog, according to the American Humane Society. For anyone with a pet, spending time in a vet’s office can be a stressful experience – stressful both for the animal and the owner. >> Read the Full Article

UN Recommends Capture, Storage of Carbon Dioxide Underground To Prevent Global Warming

Existing technology should be used to capture and store carbon dioxide underground to prevent emissions and curb global warming, experts suggested in a comprehensive report released by the United Nations. >> Read the Full Article

China Tiger Trade Would Doom Species, WWF Says

A reopening of Chinese business in tiger parts could doom the species to extinction and undermine efforts to curb other illegal wildlife trade, the Worldwide Fund for Nature warned on Monday. >> Read the Full Article