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Cambodia Introduces Battery-Powered Bicycles for Tourists Visiting Angkor Complex

The Cambodian government began Tuesday offering 300 battery-powered bicycles for tourists to rent while visiting the world-famous Angkor archaeological park, Cambodia's main tourist attraction. >> Read the Full Article

More Monarch Butterflies May Go to Mexico

As many as 200 million Monarch butterflies may migrate to Mexico this year -- a nearly tenfold increase over 2004, when unfavorable weather, pollution and deforestation caused a drastic decline in the population, environmental officials said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

U.S., Chinese Environmental Chiefs Start Regular Meetings on Cleaner Atmosphere

The world's established superpower and superpolluter is meeting with an emerging superpower and superpolluter, seeking new and greener common ground. >> Read the Full Article

Seals, Sea Lions Can Be Condor Food

The growing populations of harbor seals and sea lions along the West Coast may be good news for California condors. While condors are now best known for eating dead deer, cattle and other animals, new research shows that carcasses of marine animals once formed a large part of their diet. >> Read the Full Article

Japan To Double Usual Whale Kill in New Antarctic Hunt, Expanded To Include Fin Whales

A fleet of Japanese whaling ships left for the seas of Antarctica amid protests Tuesday, aiming to kill 850 minke whales -- almost double last year's catch -- and expand the hunt to fin whales for the first time. >> Read the Full Article

Groups Say Government Is Dragging Its Feet Protecting 283 Species

The government has allowed 283 species identified as possibly facing extinction to languish without protection under the Endangered Species Act, a coalition of environmental groups contends in a lawsuit against the Interior Department. >> Read the Full Article

Lands Could Reopen to Logging

A deal between the Bush administration and timber industry probably will restart chain saws across millions of acres of Western Oregon in the next few years, including reserves set aside for the northern spotted owl and other wildlife. >> Read the Full Article

Salmon Harvest Marks Third Largest Catch Ever

Alaska's commercial fisheries harvested 206.1 million salmon of all species in 2005, with an estimated total value of $295.3 million, making the catch the third largest on record, state fisheries officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Chinese President Calls Renewable Energy 'A Must' To Battle Pollution, Energy Shortages

Chinese President Hu Jintao and U.S. and European officials called Monday for a sharp rise in the world's use of solar and other nonpolluting power sources as they opened an international meeting on renewable energy. >> Read the Full Article

Caribbean Nations May Ask U.N. To Settle Dispute with Venezuela

Caribbean countries may ask the United Nations to help settle a decades-old dispute with Venezuela over territorial rights to waters around a tiny, uninhabited island that some believe sits near oil and natural gas deposits, officials said. >> Read the Full Article