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Lawmakers Agree on $577 Million to Keep Yucca Nuclear Waste Project Alive

Lawmakers agreed Friday to provide enough money to keep alive plans for a nuclear waste dump in Nevada, but they put off trying to resolve a dispute over radiation protection that could doom the project if not resolved. >> Read the Full Article

New Federal Ruling on Owls Spurs Industry Interest in Off-Limits Forests

The northern spotted owl still faces enough risk that it warrants continued federal protection more than a decade after efforts to safeguard it forced the collapse of federal lands logging in the Northwest, the U.S. government found. >> Read the Full Article

Controlled Flood Set at Grand Canyon

Environmentalists have complained for years that the Colorado River below a manmade dam was washing away natural sediment in the Grand Canyon, wiping away beaches and native fish and plants. >> Read the Full Article

San Francisco Proposes Charging Fee for Grocery Sacks to Reduce Waste

San Francisco city officials are considering charging grocery stores 17 cents each for grocery bags to discourage use of plastic sacks. >> Read the Full Article

EarthTalk: Chlorine Use by the Paper Industry and 'Mad Deer Disease'

What environmental and health problems are associated with the use of chlorine by the paper industry? Is chlorine really essential in the production of paper? >> Read the Full Article

Great Lakes Region Ponders How to Keep Its Precious Waters Safe

When a Canadian company floated the idea of hauling Lake Superior water aboard huge tankers to parched sections of Asia, the reaction hereabouts resembled the fury of the region's infamous November gales. >> Read the Full Article

No Evidence Ozone Layer is Recovering, Scientists Say

Mexico's Nobel Prize-winning chemist Mario Molina said Friday that despite recent measures scientists still don't have evidence that the ozone layer is recovering. >> Read the Full Article

DOE Cleanup Chief Tours Nuclear Reservation

The Department of Energy still is evaluating its options on Initiative 297, said Paul Golan, DOE's acting assistant secretary for environmental management, last week. >> Read the Full Article

New Galveston, Texas, Center Offers a Glimpse of Gulf's Ecosystem

It's less than a mile long and takes no more than an hour to traverse, but within that span, visitors to the new Wetlands Center can experience some of the variety of Texas' Gulf coast. >> Read the Full Article

More Than 60 Nations to Protect Sharks

More than 60 countries agreed Sunday to ban the killing of sharks for their fins in the Atlantic Ocean, a move that conservationists hope will increase protection of threatened species around the world. >> Read the Full Article