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Warming Could Spur 'Evolution Explosion'

Fast-growing weeds have evolved over a few generations to adapt to climate change, which could signal the start of an "evolution explosion" in response to global warming, scientists reported Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Dead Sea Plight Spurs Bike Rally

Several hundred cyclists are expected to take part in a ride around the Dead Sea in Israel to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the Sea, which is shrinking. >> Read the Full Article

UK's Blair Loath to Give Up Travel to Help Climate

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, fresh from a row over his holiday in a pop star's Florida home, said on Tuesday he would be reluctant to give up his holidays abroad in the interests of preventing global warming. >> Read the Full Article

Canada's Conservatives Hit Road to Push Green Look

Canada's Conservative government, keen to dress itself in a new green hue, sent its new environment minister Monday to tour damage from storms that have lashed Canada's Pacific Coast this winter. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Asian Vulture Bred in Captivity for First Time

An endangered species of vulture has been bred in captivity for the first time, a conservationist group said, cheering those trying to rescue the South Asian bird from the brink of extinction. >> Read the Full Article

EPA Rejects Proposed Lumber Treatment

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday rejected an industry request to use a chromate-based wood preservative for lumber in decks and playground equipment, saying it poses a risk of cancer and other health problems. >> Read the Full Article

Pennsylvania State Agency Refuses to Publish Tough Pollution Rule

An obscure state agency is blocking the implementation of new restrictions on mercury pollution by refusing to print the rule in a record of administrative actions. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Official Wants World Summit on Global Warming

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon should call a meeting of heads of government to decide the next steps against global warming, the U.N. official responsible for tackling climate change said on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

'Killer' Bees Tracked Near New Orleans

The residents of flood-damaged St. Bernard Parish, still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, have a new concern: killer bees. Agriculturalists began setting traps around a half-mile radius of a storm-wrecked home Monday that authorities have confirmed was infested with aggressive Africanized honey bees. >> Read the Full Article

Portuguese Entrepreneur Finds His Own Answer to Energy Problems

As the European Commission urges the continent to move away from traditional energy sources and adopt a lifestyle that cares for the environment, Eduardo Rocha is one step ahead. >> Read the Full Article