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Bush Says New EPA Chief will Put Science at Heart of Environmental Policy

President Bush, in a rare visit to the Environmental Protection Agency, pledged Monday that science would be at the heart of the nation's air, water and land policies. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Working to Prevent Resumption of Commercial Whaling

Australian officials are working to prevent a resumption of commercial whaling and halt Japan's scientific research whaling, a Cabinet minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Grand Jury Subpoenas Documents from DuPont on Teflon Chemical

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed chemical giant DuPont Co. for documents related to a chemical used to make DuPont's nonstick Teflon product, the company said. >> Read the Full Article

Red Tide Creeps Along New England's Coast; Seen as Area's Worst Since 1993

A massive red tide has prompted state environmental officials to shut down shellfish beds from Central Maine to Cape Cod, drastically limiting local supplies of clams, oysters, sea scallops and mussels. >> Read the Full Article

Ecotourism Conference to Be a Carbon-Neutral Gathering

When interested parties from across the country come to town this September for the first U.S.-focused national ecotourism conference, organizers of the event want to make sure they set an example. >> Read the Full Article

ExxonMobil Faces Shareholder Resolutions on Climate Change

Several leading U.S. and European institutional investors, representing nearly $400 billion in invested assets, have announced their support for new shareholder resolutions requesting greater analysis and disclosure from ExxonMobil Corp. about its policies and strategies for managing the significant financial risks posed by global climate change. >> Read the Full Article

Quality Angling Tied to Conservation

(By Dr. Mamie Parker) The faintest early light spatters through the trees on the lake shore. On the water, an angler plies closer, quietly, barely cutting the water to the low click and hum of a trolling motor. The angler waits in hope to outwit the object of affection. Anglers epitomize eternal optimists; they cast hope. Over 40 million Americans call themselves anglers and their hopes and passions for the outdoors power an enormous economic engine, spending over $41 billion a year. >> Read the Full Article

Bonaire Teens Reconstruct Skeleton of Whale Impaled by Cruise Ship

It wasn't until the cruise ship Nieuw Amsterdam docked in Bonaire that the captain discovered why it was making headway so slowly. "The bow of your vessel has impaled a whale," the port captain said. >> Read the Full Article

Taiwan President Marks Anniversary by Recycling Paper as Poll Ratings Drop

Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian marked the beginning of his sixth year in office Friday by rolling up his sleeves and collecting paper for a recyling project in a Taipei suburb, as opinion polls showed a significant slide in his popularity. >> Read the Full Article

Brazil Losing Fight to Save the Amazon

In the heart of what is known in Brazil's Amazon as the "arc of deforestation" it is clear that the fight to save the jungle is being lost. >> Read the Full Article