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Government Proposes Changes in Fishing Rules

New guidelines aimed at preventing overfishing were proposed Wednesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. >> Read the Full Article

President Touts Nuclear Power, Says Plants Far More Safe Now

In a hard hat and shirtsleeves, President Bush kept the pressure on Congress Wednesday to pass an energy bill, visiting a nuclear facility 45 miles from the White House and declaring, "It is time for this country to start building nuclear power plants again." >> Read the Full Article

Solar Sail Craft Likely Didn't Make Orbit

Organizers of a bold attempt to fly the world's first solar sail spacecraft all but conceded Wednesday that their Cosmos 1 never reached orbit this week because of a failure of its Russian booster rocket, but said they were undeterred from the risky business of space exploration. >> Read the Full Article

Task Force Calls for Congress to Preserve Northeastern Forest

A multistate task force renewed calls Tuesday for Congress and the northeastern states to preserve the 26-million-acre forest that stretches from New York to Maine. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Defeats Climate Measure, Says Siting of Gas Terminals May Be Federal Decision

The Senate soundly defeated a proposal Wednesday for mandatory reductions in heat-trapping pollution that may be warming the Earth. Supporters managed to get five fewer votes than they did two years ago. >> Read the Full Article

Emergency Workers Deal with Electrocution Threat from Hybrid Cars

With gas prices rising and environmental concerns brewing, more drivers are turning to electric-gas hybrids to meet their transportation needs. But those green vehicles, while good for the air and their owners' wallets, pose a new danger to police, firefighters and others who respond to car crashes: electrocution. >> Read the Full Article

New Regulations Cut Number of House Paints for Five States

A new set of regulations intended to limit releases of VOCs -- or volatile organic compounds, one of the primary causes of smog -- has nearly cut off the supply of oil-based paints available in Pennsylvania and four other states. >> Read the Full Article

New England Shellfish Growers Feel Snubbed by Red Tide Loan Program

Like hundreds of aquaculturists, shellfish grower Barbara Austin has been out of work since earlier this month when the worst toxic algae bloom in more than three decades hit the New England coast and closed shellfishing areas in Massachusetts. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Forfeits Bid to Host International Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Japan has contacted the European Union to forfeit its bid to host a multibillion-dollar international nuclear fusion reactor, a Japanese newspaper reported Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Nuclear Dump a Step Closer

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Monday denied Utah's latest bid to block a license for a nuclear waste storage area on the Skull Valley Indian reservation, rejecting the argument that the waste could be stuck at the site permanently. >> Read the Full Article