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South Korea Says Dioxin in U.S. Beef Shipment Exceeded Approved Level

South Korea and the United States traded questions Friday over a shipment of U.S. beef found to have included dioxin levels exceeding South Korea's norm, officials said. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Rebut Big Easy Channel Report

A group of scientists accused the Army Corps of Engineers on Thursday of endangering the city's future by failing to take steps to immediately close a shipping channel blamed for widespread flooding during Hurricane Katrina. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Researchers Film Live Giant Squid

A Japanese research team has succeeded in filming a giant squid live -- possibly for the first time -- and says the elusive creatures may be more plentiful than previously believed, a researcher said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Syngenta Agrees to Pay $1.5 Million EPA Fine for Distributing Genetically Modified Corn

A company that sold and distributed seed corn containing an unregistered genetically engineered pesticide has agreed to pay a $1.5 million penalty to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Court Says Native Hunt Rights Trump Safety

A divided Supreme Court of Canada ruled Thursday that native Indians may hunt at night using lights, overturning a lower court ruling that said safety concerns usurp treaty rights. >> Read the Full Article

Spanish Minister Proposes Live Exit for Bulls

Spain's environment minister has opened a campaign to stop matadors giving the traditional gory death blow to bulls in the ring. Instead, the badly wounded animals would be taken away and swiftly killed more humanely. >> Read the Full Article

Sculptor Makes Perishable Art in Antarctica

Artists see the world differently. Maybe that's why sculptor Lita Albuquerque decided to craft an environmental work near this icy outpost meant to be in full bloom for just one day. >> Read the Full Article

Rockhopper Penguin Numbers Tumble in South Atlantic

Rockhopper penguins, a type featured in the movie "Happy Feet", have suffered a mysterious 30 percent decline in numbers over five years in their South Atlantic stronghold, conservationists said on Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Indian, Chinese Team to Map Glacier Melt

A joint Indian-Chinese team plans to chart remote Himalayan glaciers that scientists fear are rapidly melting because of global warming, threatening the great rivers that give life to one of South Asia's most fertile regions. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: December 18th - 22nd

ENN rounds up the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news December 18th - 22nd: Wolf protections, Antarctic recycling, giant squid, soot levels, and much more. >> Read the Full Article