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Fishermen Say Chinook Salmon Are Smaller

Tanana fisherman Charlie Campbell doesn't need scientific studies or empirical data to prove Yukon River chinook salmon -- the mighty king of the species -- are getting smaller. >> Read the Full Article

Federal Program to Reduce Oil Consumption Increases It

A federal push for cars that run on an alternative fuel straight from the heartland isn't winning many converts among American drivers -- but is a hit with automakers who use it to skirt mileage standards. >> Read the Full Article

Environmentalists Worry on China's Kangs

Li Xiulan says that for all of her 73 winters in China's frigid northeast, her best weapon against the biting cold has been a pile of bricks. >> Read the Full Article

Deadly Landslide in Indonesia Sets off Debate over Role of Logging in Disaster

Landslides and flash floods in Indonesia that killed as many as 240 people have set off a heated debate over the role logging may have played in the disaster that covered scores of homes in mud and rock. >> Read the Full Article

Receding Groundwater Threatens Boston's Historic Legacy

Groundwater levels have been dropping for years in some Boston neighborhoods, exposing the wooden supports that have propped up the city for more than a century. >> Read the Full Article

Debate Swirls as Wind Power Grows Rapidly

Giant windmills -- on scenic mountain ridges, prairie grass and even an Indian reservation -- are spinning an unusual debate that is dividing leading environmentalists. >> Read the Full Article

Stockholm Residents Choke on New Congestion Charge

On an overcast winter morning, traffic heading into Stockholm on the main route from the north is heavy, but it is moving -- unlike the rush-hour gridlock typical in some metropolitan centers. >> Read the Full Article

U.S. Tsunami Alert System Streamlined

When word of a big earthquake comes in the middle of the night, geophysicist Bruce Turner takes five minutes to fumble for his beeper, throw on a coat, scrape the ice off his windshield, drive a mile to work and transmit a tsunami alert. >> Read the Full Article

Tourists Flock to Chinese City Festival, Assured that River No Longer Contaminated

For Harbin resident Zhao Lichun, enjoying the city's giant sculptures made from ice from the Songhua River is an annual tradition -- even six weeks after a toxic spill polluted the river. >> Read the Full Article

Boaters Damaging Seagrass in Florida

Negligent and inexperienced boaters are damaging fragile seagrass in the shallow Florida Bay, destroying habitat crucial to the state's fishing industry, a conservation advocacy group said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article