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Haze Fears Return as Two Malaysian Districts Record Unhealthy Air Quality

Authorities have declared air quality to be unhealthy in two Malaysian districts after smoke from forest fires in Indonesia blew to several parts of this country, triggering fresh fears of a haze crisis. >> Read the Full Article

Singapore To Open First Desalination Plant in Bid for Water Self-Sufficiency

For decades, Singapore has relied on Malaysia to supply a huge portion of a vital resource: water. But the two neighbors sometimes disagree, and resource-scarce Singapore wants to be less reliant. Aiming for self-sufficiency in water, Singapore says its first desalination plant -- billed as one of the biggest in the world -- will meet at least 10 percent of the nation's water needs. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Group Warns Hippos Face Extinction in Congo

Only 887 hippos are left in Congo, once home to the world's largest population of the water-loving mammal, and they will be extinct in the African country, an international environmental group warned Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Indiana Town To Turn Stinking Hog Manure into Power

They cannot escape the stench, but residents of tiny Reynolds, Indiana, hope the oceans of hog manure produced nearby will power their homes and businesses some day soon. >> Read the Full Article

On Louisiana Coast, Shrimp and Fish Gone Along With Houses and Livelihoods

The shrimp and fish are gone. The oysters are mixed with mud. Hurricane Katrina took not just Dwight Reyes' house, but the livelihood he has known as a shrimper since he was 11. >> Read the Full Article

Tagged Atlantic Sea Turtles Trace Journeys Online

Aitkanti the sea turtle has already braved fishing nets and shark infested waters in her swim from breeding grounds in South America but is only half way to the rich feeding waters off the coast of West Africa. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i> Radio: Sustainable Forests

Every year, a single American consumer uses the equivalent of a tree measuring 100 feet high and 16 inches in diameter. That's nearly 300 million trees a year to give us paper, shelter and furniture. Worldwide, 50 acres of forest land are cleared every minute causing loss of precious wildlife habitat and massive erosion that will continue to affect our world for long after our own lifetimes. >> Read the Full Article

UN Sends Food Aid to Nicaragua's Miskito Indians

The United Nations said Sunday it would send emergency food aid to thousands of Miskito Indians threatened with famine in a remote corner of Nicaragua after a plague of rats plundered their crops. >> Read the Full Article

Canada Doesn't See Breakthrough at Post-Kyoto Meet

A major Montreal meeting charged with starting to draft a successor to the Kyoto climate change accord is unlikely to produce a breakthrough, a senior Canadian official said Monday. The conference, which runs from Nov. 28 to Dec. 9, will try to find common ground between those countries that signed on to Kyoto and those that did not, including the United States, China, India and Australia. >> Read the Full Article

Katrina Spurs New Debate on Energy, Fuel Economy, Offshore Drilling

Hurricane Katrina has reopened a national debate on energy policy, generating new congressional support for more stringent automobile fuel economy requirements and a fresh push by the oil industry for drilling in areas now off-limits. >> Read the Full Article