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Utah Asks Federal Appeals Court To Reject Nuclear Dump

Utah asked a federal appeals court on Wednesday to overturn the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's approval of a nuclear waste storage site in the state's western desert. >> Read the Full Article

Greening the Home Mortgage Deduction -- A Guest Commentary

President Bush’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform recently called for dramatic reductions in mortgage interest and property tax deductions. This proposal will surely be greeted as one of the least popular ideas ever floated. >> Read the Full Article

Hurricanes Take a Bite out of Louisiana's Coastal Restoration

People often think of Louisiana as an American Amazon -- hot, jungly swamps where alligators drowsily peer from sluggish bayous and critters slink across vine-covered grounds. >> Read the Full Article

Global Warming Moved Plants Northward

An increase in the planet's temperature 55 million years ago prompted major shifts in plant distribution, researchers reported Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: November 7th - 11th

ENN summarizes the most important and compelling environmental news stories of the week. In the news November 7th - 11th: Water vapor and warming, Iraq's battered marshlands, EPA considers lead-remodeling regulations, and battery-powered bikes in Cambodia. >> Read the Full Article

Online Resources Can Help Salvage Timber

A variety of Web sites are gathering names and contact information in an attempt to link landowners with timber on the ground with people who can help them salvage it. >> Read the Full Article

Gov. Romney Sees Explosive Growth in Clean Energy

Some officials on Beacon Hill believe that clean energy will be the next thing to boost the state economy. In fact, that industry could become as profitable as biotechnology, Gov. Mitt Romney said during a clean energy conference. >> Read the Full Article

Pandas Wed in the Heat, Rain of Thai Zoo

Two pandas were married by proxy in Thailand on Wednesday to mark the 28th birthday of their zoo and what officials hope is the start of their mating season. >> Read the Full Article

Britain Trying to Save the Red Squirrel

British conservationists on Wednesday launched a campaign to save the country's native red squirrels against their disease-carrying, food-stealing and bigger grey cousins from North America. >> Read the Full Article

'Building Green' Movement on Rise in Georgia

Supporters say the concept of building green has recently gained momentum because of increased concerns about rising energy costs and the creation of a standardized system that certifies buildings as environmentally responsible. >> Read the Full Article