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Expert Says Meteor May Have Caused Extinction

A massive crater in Antarctica may have been caused by a meteor that wiped out more than 90 percent of the species on Earth 250 million years ago, an American geologist said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japan Plans New Pro-Whalers Group to End Hunting Ban

Japan plans a new group for nations that support commercial whaling in a bid to end a 20-year ban on the activity, officials said, reiterating threats to leave the International Whaling Commission if it didn't lift the ban. >> Read the Full Article

Indian Carpool Portal on Call as Fuel Prices Rise

India's first carpool Web site aims to get a boost from a rise in fuel prices, hoping this will lure office-goers looking to lighten the burden on their pockets. >> Read the Full Article

Population of Endangered Dolphins Rises

The population of an endangered species of dolphin living in Pakistan's Indus River has increased in recent years, but the animal remains at high risk of extinction, the scientist leading a conservation project said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Hosts Ceremonial Swearing-in for Interior Secretary

New Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, who is nursing a broken foot, joked Wednesday that he was eager to start "running" the agency, then playfully asked President Bush for more money. >> Read the Full Article

Fiji War Chant Used to Spur Marine Conservation

A Fijian war chant with a blood-thirsty message helped persuade South Pacific islanders to support an award-winning plan to protect the area's marine life, a regional chief said Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Prototype Toilets Aim to Flush away Beijing Drought

Beijing residents can do their bit to ease the city's severe water shortage problem from the comfort of their toilet seat, according to an exhibition which opened on Wednesday. >> Read the Full Article

Taking Stock of Our Oceans -- A Guest Commentary

Today is World Ocean Day, a day to pause and take stock of our marine resources and our personal connection to the sea, even for all those who are landlocked or haven’t had time to go to the beach this summer. >> Read the Full Article

Bank of America to Offer Incentives to Buy Hybrids

Driving a hybrid car already means free parking at meters in one Connecticut city and reserved parking spots near the front door of a New Hampshire company. Now, some Bank of America Corp. employees will receive $3,000 cash if they buy one of the fuel-efficient vehicles. >> Read the Full Article

Florida to Remove Manatee from Endangered List

Florida's wildlife commission voted Wednesday to remove the manatee from the state's endangered species list, a move environmentalists fear could erode safeguards for the popular sea creature. >> Read the Full Article