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Satellites Used to Aid Vanishing Guatemala Jaguars

To the ancient Maya Indians who once built elaborate cities in the Guatemalan jungle, the jaguar's spotted pelt represented the stars in the night sky. Now the Western Hemisphere's biggest cat is being tracked from space. >> Read the Full Article

Environmental Crusader Marc Lappe Dies at 62

Marc Lappe, an author, medical ethicist and toxicologist who helped shape the country's environmental and health policies, has died of cancer at his home in northern California, according to his family. He was 62. >> Read the Full Article

EarthNews Radio: Art and Nature

Much of the beauty in our world is to be found in nature, so it's only natural that many artists want to reflect that through their art. >> Read the Full Article

Dissident Shareholders Push Exxon Mobil on Global Warming

Shareholders of Exxon Mobil Corp., coming off record profits last year, will vote Wednesday on proposals from dissident investors on a range of social and environmental resolutions opposed by management of the nation's largest oil company. >> Read the Full Article

On <i>Beyond Organic</i>: Buying Direct from Farmers

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) combines the freshness of a farmers' market with the convenience of delivery to a neighborhood drop-off point. There are an estimated 1,700 CSAs across the United States, serving about 340,000 families. >> Read the Full Article

Rare Wayward Manatee Entertains Texans as it Frolics

A manatee has wandered hundreds of miles out of its range to a fishing post at the southern tip of Texas, where it is delighting locals with its lumbering grace and penchant for showing its flippers and belly. >> Read the Full Article

India to Set up Home for Tigers

Tigers of the Sunderbans Forest in eastern India can rest easy after a news report Monday said the state government is setting up an old age home for them. >> Read the Full Article

Disney in Hot Water over Hong Kong Shark's Fin Soup

Conservationists slammed Disney on Monday for its plans to serve dishes such as shark's fin soup, sea cucumber and abalone in its hotel restaurants when it opens a new theme park in Hong Kong in September. >> Read the Full Article

Bush Says New EPA Chief will Put Science at Heart of Environmental Policy

President Bush, in a rare visit to the Environmental Protection Agency, pledged Monday that science would be at the heart of the nation's air, water and land policies. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Working to Prevent Resumption of Commercial Whaling

Australian officials are working to prevent a resumption of commercial whaling and halt Japan's scientific research whaling, a Cabinet minister said Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article