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Greenpeace Says Nuclear Waste Seeping into Groundwater from French Storage Site

Greenpeace said Tuesday that nuclear waste from a storage facility is seeping into groundwater in the Champagne region and threatening vineyards that produce the sparkling wine. >> Read the Full Article

Dutch Preparing for 14-Inch Ocean Rise by 2050

The Dutch can expect wetter winters and a threatening rise in sea levels of up to 35 centimeters (14 inches) by 2050, said a report Tuesday by the national weather service. >> Read the Full Article

Australia Lobbies Pacific Nations against Whaling

Australia began a last-ditch attempt to lobby small Pacific Island nations to support whale conservation on Tuesday, warning that every vote at next month's International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting would be crucial. >> Read the Full Article

States Restrict Firewood to Stop Bug

A tiny green beetle that decimates ash trees is nibbling away at traditional summer campfires as states try to halt the insect's spread through infested firewood that campers unwittingly haul into parks. >> Read the Full Article

Study Finds Global Warming Boosts Poison Ivy

Another reason to worry about global warming: more and itchier poison ivy. The noxious vine grows faster and bigger as carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere rise, researchers report. >> Read the Full Article

Group Advocates Clean-Running School Buses

Diesel fumes have emerged as the new bogeyman in the battle against smog, and more needs to be done to protect children exposed to pollutants in school buses, an environmental group says. >> Read the Full Article

Judge Rules Sea Lion Research Violates Laws

A judge has ruled the federal government must halt studies of threatened and endangered Steller sea lions because it did not properly asses how certain research techniques might harm the animals. >> Read the Full Article

China Warns of Toxic Baby Bottles

Chinese investigators have seized baby bottles made from recycled compact discs containing dangerous levels of the toxic chemical hydroxybenzene, official media reported Tuesday. >> Read the Full Article

Japan to Help China in Energy, Environment Fields

Japan will help China raise its energy efficiency and conserve its environment, officials said at the start of a joint forum in Tokyo on Monday. >> Read the Full Article

Top Bollywood Filmmakers Defend Aamir Khan over Dam Comment Dispute

Top Bollywood filmmakers Monday defended popular actor Aamir Khan, who is under attack from the Hindu nationalist opposition for speaking out against the government's handling of people displaced by a massive dam project. >> Read the Full Article