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Two Mississippi Dolphins Rescued after Katrina

Wildlife experts Thursday rescued two of eight bottlenose dolphins swept from their aquarium home into the Gulf of Mexico by Hurricane Katrina and said they hoped to recapture the others in the next few days. >> Read the Full Article

EU Delegation Signs Deal with Bosnia on Environmental Monitoring System

The European Union and Bosnia-Herzegovina agreed on Friday to establish a system for monitoring the Balkan country's environment, a statement said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Officials Say Anthrax Killed 37 Montana Cattle

Anthrax has killed 37 cattle on a northeast Montana ranch now under quarantine, the state veterinarian said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Senate Panel Plans EPA Rollback in Katrina Recovery

A Senate panel is drafting legislation that would allow the Environmental Protection Agency to suspend any anti-pollution regulations for 120 days to help in the recovery from Hurricane Katrina, an environmental group said on Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Scientist Says Global Warming Options Exist

Global warming poses a threat to the earth, but humans can probably ease the climate threats brought on by rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, global climate specialist Richard Alley told an audience at the University of Vermont. >> Read the Full Article

Bigger Brained Birds Do Better, Study Says

Birds with bigger brains adapted better to the environment and therefore did better, according to scientists from The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Liverpool University and Birmingham University. >> Read the Full Article

U.N. Says Ozone Layer Should Keep Healing

The hole in the ozone layer this year will probably be slightly smaller than the all-time largest of 2003, in line with the general trend of a gradual healing of the ozone layer's depletion, a U.N. agency said Friday. >> Read the Full Article

Italy and Algeria Pledge To Further the U.N. Fight against Desertification

Representatives from Italy, Algeria and the United Nations introduced several initiatives Thursday as part of the U.N.'s expanding effort to combat desertification and related problems like poverty. >> Read the Full Article

Scientists Collect Fish To Assess Environmental Damage from Katrina

Scientists harvested fish off the Mississippi coast as part of the latest effort to assess environmental damage inflicted by Hurricane Katrina's monstrous storm surge and toxic floodwaters. >> Read the Full Article

Zimbabwe and China Swap Animals in Tiger Diplomacy

Zimbabwe, increasingly seeking friends in the east as the West accuses it of human rights abuses, is extending its diplomatic drive to the animal kingdom. >> Read the Full Article