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Scientists Say Road Salt Harms Environment

The use of salt to melt snow and ice from slippery roads has an environmental downside that can affect a widespread area long after winter has passed, scientists say. >> Read the Full Article

ENN Weekly: March 14th - 18th

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 51-49 in favor of the Bush administration's proposal to drill in the 19-million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Environmentalists decry the likely impact on wildlife, including polar bears, migratory birds, and caribou, while drilling supporters argue that new technologies will be protective of the ecosystem. >> Read the Full Article

Rivers Overspill Banks as Water Levels in Poland Rise

Rivers swollen by melting snow and heavy rain flooded a key highway link to Poland's capital on Thursday and prompted emergency officials to draw up plans to avert further trouble. >> Read the Full Article

Rains Help Mexico Repay Water It Owes U.S., but Could New Drought Bring New Debt?

For 12 lean years, Mexico prayed for rain, hoping the water it owed the United States would pour from parched skies over the Rio Grande Basin. >> Read the Full Article

Report Says Navy Sonar Likely Made Orcas Flee

Sonar pulsing from a Navy guided-missile destroyer during training exercises near the San Juan Islands two years ago was likely loud enough to send killer whales fleeing, according to a government agency report. >> Read the Full Article

Wet Winter Threatens Spring Flooding

The wet winter that brought mudslides and record rains to the Southwest is now threatening spring flooding, forecasters said Thursday. Flooding is also expected in North Dakota, Minnesota and New England. >> Read the Full Article

Greenpeace and British Trawlermen in Sea Standoff

British coastguards said on Friday they had intervened to stop a confrontation at sea between Greenpeace protesters and trawlermen because of fears people could be killed. >> Read the Full Article

Aim: To Measure Green against Green

Villebois is going green, but just how green remains to be seen. Developers of the "new urbanist" community in western Wilsonville want to ask its future residents just how much they are willing to pay to enjoy the health and environmental benefits of the latest rainwater-management systems, ecologically sensitive roof types and natural ventilation systems. >> Read the Full Article

Manatees Have Brittle Bones, Study Shows

Despite their huge size, the bones of manatees are as brittle as fine porcelain, making them extremely vulnerable to being broken when struck by a boat, a University of Florida researchers said Thursday. >> Read the Full Article

Study Links Mercury from Power Plants to Autism

After years of debate about whether a nationwide explosion in autism is related to a mercury-based preservative used in vaccines, Texas researchers have found a new suspect: mercury from coal-burning power plants. >> Read the Full Article